Just looking over the results, and I saw a few things that I wanted to comment/ask about. Feel free to clarify and/or put in your new revelations! :)

1) What the heck is Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments and why am I just hearing about this??

2) Orange is the New Black is a comedy?? Did something change (as I haven't watched an episode recently), or is that considered comedy? Serious question.

Two Replies to Things I Learned From the People's Choice Awards 2018

Erik Bates | November 12, 2018
1) No clue. I think maybe my wife watches it... but other than that... no idea.

2) It's a comedy. It was a comedy from the start, really. Darker humor, but still comedic. They've tackled much more serious issues as the series has progressed, though.

Scott Hardie | November 12, 2018
1) It's another Harry Potter wannabe about a teen who discovers a secret magic underworld and must join a fight. At least it's not about a dystopia and/or a persecution of teens; we have enough of those.

2) Studios can choose the categories when they submit their shows for nomination, and thus game the system. It's been controversial for a while, in part because so many shows these days blur the line between comedy and drama. OITNB switches gears between them pretty often, but (imho) it has become more of a drama in its latter years.


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