I keep reading Adrirants, but she's posting them and disabling replies! How can the peanut gallery comment? Maybe that's the point... If she's reading this, you go, girl! And if you're not intending to close us out, I'm looking forward to cluttering up your blog with inane chatter like I do to everyone else! :P

Today was a total wash. I had to go to an all-day meeting on proper supervisory techniques. *yawn* I now know how to listen critically, yet empathetically (I almost typed empathically, but I think that's different. :) ). woo hoo. Now I'm a bit behind, and a couple of problems came up in my absence. Not that I could have done anything if I were there, but...

Is this just me? Every time I hear a song on the radio that drives me 100% batty, one so terrible (IMHO) that I break a finger (nearly) hitting the seek button to make it go away, that song is always by some artist that everyone else absolutely wets themselves praising? I understand that I am exaggerating, but it seems like every other song I abhor, the artist becomes "the next big thing". Nora Jones makes me want to have Kris's ear problems (not to belittle his serious problems...), but the world loves her. Nelly Furtado? "I'm like a bird" makes me wish a had a shotgun and some bird shot, but she's got a new album and is going strong. Most recently, I'm having the same problems with James Blunt (Seriously? This is what people like?!) and Gnarles Barkley (Ugh! Sorry Jackie!). I should sell myself as a bellwether. If I hate it, it's GOLD! :)

Maybe it's just that I only notice if the song goes popular... I should write down the next song I hate, and date the paper, seal in an envelope, and wait three months. That way, if the song goes nowhere, I'll know that I am deluding myself. Of course, if the song becomes famous, I'll be certain I am cursed. :(

Going back to yesterday, I make today's song "I Liked You Better (When You Hated Yourself)" by the Badlees. It's one of the only song with a spontaneous yodel in the middle that I like! Seriously. This is the kind of song that reminds you of those people you used to be tight with in high school that you meet at a reunion down the line and ask yourself, "What was I thinking?" It's got that Central Pennsylvania sound, and it's sort of the light and fluffy rock, IMO. But, the Badlees have always been good in my book, and this is one of my favorite songs. Oh! The Badlees had one "mainstream" hit that I heard on the radio a couple of times a long while back. The song was "Angeline is Coming Home", which is on the same album. Actually, I think "Fear of Falling" might have been their second actual single released, but I never heard it outside of PA. Whatever. No one is probably going to look into it. The Badlees rock!

Well, folks, I need a beer, and I'm not getting it here! See you all on Monday! Be good, and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

That's a lot of leeway. :(

Seven Replies to 18-VIII-2006 or Are you doing that on purpose?

Denise Sawicki | August 18, 2006
Do you think you can make stuff popular by listening to it and hating it?? If so I could point you towards something I'd like you to hate. heh heh

Lori Lancaster | August 18, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Denise Sawicki | August 18, 2006
Nope, not on the radio except for radiofreefargo.com, which is why they need Aaron's help. They've got a number of songs for dowload on their website though. I hope I haven't been too annoying by shamelessly plugging them, he's just depressed that nobody *at all* seems to like it and he works so hard on it...

Kris Weberg | August 19, 2006
Truly, we must harness Aaron's hate-popularizing powers for good, or at least for slightly-less-evil.

Scott Hardie | August 19, 2006
I like it, Denise. They're really good.

Jackie Mason | August 20, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Denise Sawicki | August 21, 2006
Thanks Scott, I guess those who dislike it are just a lot more vocal and memorable. Plus the guys are jealous of their friend Mike who doesn't try at all but just has god-given talent (according to both Mike and Darrell) and has a million record labels after him. Here, I can be masochistic and give Mike unneeded traffic. http://myspace.com/michaelpink . I like Darrell's music better but I'm apparently alone in that.

Sorry for hijacking your comments, Aaron :P. By the way, I looked up the Badlees and it's apparently a roots rock group and that is my husband's favorite type of mysic - he ordered the CD and wants to play it on his radio show. We now know 4 roots rock songs about someone with some version of the name Angeline. Weird. So you are wrong in saying that "no one is probably going to look into it".


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