You know, I've accidentally glued various parts of my body to odd things before. I glued my shirt to my stomach, once. But this guy takes the glue cake. Not only is the accident itself bizarre, but the circumstances leading to the accident are truly surreal.

Three Replies to Accidents Happen But This Is Ridiculous

Tony Peters | August 22, 2007
ummm yeah glue of any kind ain't getting anywhere near my junk

Lori Lancaster | August 22, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | August 22, 2007
I was trying to stay away from the whole suction thing but I am reminded of a trip to the ER with my brother 30 odd years ago (my brother was accident prone so we visited often) while I was in the waiting room some guy came in with a vacuum hose sticking out of his pants. For the next hour (my brother needed a lot of stitches that visit) various doctors, nurses and corpsman filed in and out of the ER always laughing as they left...priapism and a metal hose are real real bad...never did find out how it all turned out. My mother was a bit irritated by the train of people filing past my brothers room laughing until she found out why then she turned red and escorted me outside (to stay) while she smoked

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