So, Darrell is getting really into cooking lately so I got him a pasta machine and this weekend we used it for the first time.. OK I used it... and it was kinda fun! I am just happy that I managed to produce a substance that was unquestionably pasta. I thought I would mess up. Then I got an eggplant and fried some up and made some version of Eggplant Parmesan. This is the first time I've cooked in ages and it felt good. Eggplants are neat, if you manage to get them breaded and cooked right they seem kinda like meat. Which I'm sure I'd appreciate if I became a vegetarian for some reason. Of course I didn't exactly cook them all the right way, I let my bread crumbs get clumpy and then some of them were not properly coated or properly cooked and they taste very definitely like vegetables. But still edible at least. Also I went to Target to spend a gift card and I couldn't really decide on any expensive items we needed so I just wound up buying groceries. Target has really good deals on certain groceries. OK, that is boring though, when you have a gift card you are supposed to buy something nice, so I got some Frey chocolate, which was delicious. I got the cinnamon and blood orange white chocolate. Sounds weird perhaps, and a lot of people don't like white chocolate, but we loved it! It had such vibrant and delicious flavors. Kind of reminded me of when I was younger and our Swiss relatives always used to mail us a big yellow box full of Swiss chocolate for the holidays. Well, nothing in those boxes tasted of cinnamon or blood oranges but it reminded me all the same. I guess the fact that this stuff is available "exclusively at Target" makes it kind of irritatingly non-authentic but I was happy to find it and will surely try some more flavors.

Then I ended the weekend by messing up and now I feel like crap. No I can't talk about it to anyone , just felt like saying that just to be irritating.

Prayer for the Paranoid

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I just get so frustrated. I want my husband to be happy but the things he's decided will make him happy are completely out of our control (success at music). I wish something good would happen for him finally. Go »

Insecurity, North Dakota weather

Does my insecurity have no end? Will I ever stop embarrassing myself and annoying others by putting myself down? Is there some drug I can take to make myself stop? Go »

A wish

You know, it would be nice to be the kind of person who could sometimes do or say things *without* regretting them. I think that would be on my top three list of wishes :) Just to turn off a part of my brain. It's really freakin cold out. Go »

The British know how to make TV

Correction to my earlier post - we have now seen almost to the end of season 2 of QAF (Darrell decided to watch it after all) and it seems only season 1 is really amazing. Perhaps it gets better again later, I don't know. Is it any coincidence that season 1 is the one copied almost directly from the British version? Go »


Over the weekend we went to Mills Fleet Farm to pick up the specific present my dad wanted for his birthday. I doubt you have the Fleet Farm in the more "civilized" parts of the world but it is a bit like a Walmart with the addition of things like calf medicine, saddles, fence posts, and a huge amount of hardware, machinery, building supplies, etc. I mostly stick to the more Walmart-like areas of the store, except for that one time when I built a fence :). Go »

Weather - the most boring conversational topic?!?

Well, perhaps not if you live in ND, I dunno. There's snow on the ground *and* dandelions in the lawn right now. That's a first, at least in my memory. Go »