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Here are two new videos of our genius dog doing his amazing tricks.
Verbal Tricks

Seven Replies to Dog Tricks

Jackie Mason | April 10, 2010
[hidden by author request]

Erik Bates | April 14, 2010
That is pretty impressive.

Scott Hardie | April 18, 2010
Neat! Now see if you can get him to take out the trash and clean the bathroom... :-)

Amy Austin | April 19, 2010
Yay, Philip!!! Um... don't know if it's just me, but I can't see the second link... :-(

Amy Austin | April 19, 2010
Never mind... took a closer look and figured it out -- what a clever one he is!

Denise Sawicki | April 20, 2010
Thanks everyone! Thanks Amy for informing me of my dumb typo.

Jackie Mason | April 21, 2010
[hidden by author request]

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New Camera

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supernaturally unlucky

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A wish

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