Cross post from Facebook.
Here are two new videos of our genius dog doing his amazing tricks.
Verbal Tricks

Seven Replies to Dog Tricks

Jackie Mason | April 10, 2010
[hidden by author request]

Erik Bates | April 14, 2010
That is pretty impressive.

Scott Hardie | April 18, 2010
Neat! Now see if you can get him to take out the trash and clean the bathroom... :-)

Amy Austin | April 19, 2010
Yay, Philip!!! Um... don't know if it's just me, but I can't see the second link... :-(

Amy Austin | April 19, 2010
Never mind... took a closer look and figured it out -- what a clever one he is!

Denise Sawicki | April 20, 2010
Thanks everyone! Thanks Amy for informing me of my dumb typo.

Jackie Mason | April 21, 2010
[hidden by author request]

Prayer for the Paranoid

Denise Sawicki posts whatever she feels able to post without serious consequences Read more »

Office Party

Last weekend we went to an office party at my boss's lake house. We took Philip and he got along famously with my boss's dog, Willow, who is half greyhound and half husky. I like Willow quite a bit. Go »

Weather - the most boring conversational topic?!?

Well, perhaps not if you live in ND, I dunno. There's snow on the ground *and* dandelions in the lawn right now. That's a first, at least in my memory. Go »


OK, I've read the reviews saying Torchwood is a terrible show that is nothing but gratuitous sex and violence but I gotta say I kind of disagree and kind of like it. Thanks to our public library for stocking such a non-educational program :P. Buffy fans particularly seem to despise this program but what the heck, I like both... Go »

D&D first impressions

So our books came yesterday and I've been reading the Dungeon Master's guide as scheduled while Darrell's been reading the Player's Handbook. It's quite obvious I am going to have to read the Player's Handbook too since there is not so much actual useful information in the DM guide. It has lots of pages about different playing styles, how to handle different personalities in your group, and weird stuff like how to write cryptograms, but not so much useful data on the actual rules. Go »

More about the coat obsession

I know I already put the pictures on Facebook but I have such an infatuation with this coat that I need to post about it a bit :P. Here is the real dude in the real coat: Here is Darrell in our coat we just bought: Here's me in the coat: Here I am in the coat again (brighter shot): Anyhow, generally when you find pictures of this guy he has on the suspenders and no vest. He does wear a vest sometimes though! Go »

Sorry about that extra tall image

Sorry I screwed up the obsessions page with that tall image. But it is true, I have a new obsession. Gee... Go »