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Here are two new videos of our genius dog doing his amazing tricks.
Verbal Tricks

Seven Replies to Dog Tricks

Jackie Mason | April 10, 2010
[hidden by author request]

Erik Bates | April 14, 2010
That is pretty impressive.

Scott Hardie | April 18, 2010
Neat! Now see if you can get him to take out the trash and clean the bathroom... :-)

Amy Austin | April 19, 2010
Yay, Philip!!! Um... don't know if it's just me, but I can't see the second link... :-(

Amy Austin | April 19, 2010
Never mind... took a closer look and figured it out -- what a clever one he is!

Denise Sawicki | April 20, 2010
Thanks everyone! Thanks Amy for informing me of my dumb typo.

Jackie Mason | April 21, 2010
[hidden by author request]

Prayer for the Paranoid

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Londo and Life

I woke up in the mood to write quite a bit but I feel my communication skills have fled me as of late, if indeed I ever had any to begin with. I can only hope someone out there will make some sense out of this. Yesterday was the big day at the convention and it was cool. Go »

False Hope

So the guys' band had a show on Saturday and it went really well. A bunch of people came up to say they did a good job, and the headlining band (another local act) really liked the music and wants to do other shows together. And they even got paid! Go »

The Political Thing

The political thing I hinted at in my first blog entry is over for now. The signatures have been safely delivered to Bismarck. Anyway, here it is, the North Dakota Shared Parenting Initiative, at Go »

Ghost of an Unkissed Kiss

As though I don't look bad enough for sharing information on my lame celebrity crushes, here's a real-life one, albeit a really old one. I'd forgotten that his full name was in the movie we watched the other day and maybe hearing his name was what got me started on this nostalgic path. He's got a common name. Go »


We found a big 1.75 liter bottle of Absolut Apeach for $10 ... We didn't realize what a great special this was until we saw that the little 0.75 Go »

D&D first impressions

So our books came yesterday and I've been reading the Dungeon Master's guide as scheduled while Darrell's been reading the Player's Handbook. It's quite obvious I am going to have to read the Player's Handbook too since there is not so much actual useful information in the DM guide. It has lots of pages about different playing styles, how to handle different personalities in your group, and weird stuff like how to write cryptograms, but not so much useful data on the actual rules. Go »