Last night I had to sub for a bowler last night that couldn't be there. I had to sign a membership card for the league but i paid on tuesday for my membership. Usually in league you get practice balls before the league starts. Threw a few and then waited until the league started. We started at 6:30 and I go out and shoot a 290 for my first game. The second game was a 247 and the last game was a 246. My series was a 783!!!!!! I was really shocked that I sub on Wednesday and go out and shoot the lights out of the place and Tuesday and Thursday I can't hardly do anything. But I am very happy how I bowled and so was my family members. If I ever shoot a 300 game and my mom ain't there she would be really mad and I thought man this would of been the best time to do But throwing 11 strikes in a row is not easy at all. I did it at Bowland and then I go to another house and shoot it. Sometimes I can really amaze myself sometimes and last night I did!!!!! If that was the night to shoot a 300 game last night would of been the night to shoot the 300 game!!!!!!!

Coaching Tips

Bowling Coach, Chris Lemler Read more »

It's Time To Start The Season With a Pow Wow

Today was my last time to go practice on the disc golf course that I will be having a tourney on for next week. The place is called ICC (Indian Camp Creek park). It is a very nice place in Foristell, MO but the only problem with the course is you can lose alot of disc due to the prairie grass on the left and right sides of the fairway. Go »

Looks like this a repeat for me

It looks like it's Deja vu all over again for me. I'm heading into Kansas City Mo to bowl in another tournament :).....I have been pleased with the way I have been bowling here lately. Go »

My New Year's is already starting off good

I got some REALLY REALLY good news last night from one of my employees from work and when I heard the news I was so happy. Now I can say I won't be that stressed out!!!!!! I found out last night that my boss got transferred out of the store. Go »

Super Bowl

Watching the super bowl with my dad and I am so rooting for the New York Giants to win but I was hoping that a different team would of got in, But enjoying the game. Looking forward to the halftime show. It ought to be really good....Kelly Go »

Looking forward in 2012

I have been doing a lot of thinking last year for my goals this year. 1. Try and help kids get better and better at bowling. Go »

The Rock Vs Cena

If anyone watches WWE who are they picking between the Rock Vs Cena. Me I am picking the People's Champ Go »