I went to work as my boss on Halloween and when I did it was so funny cause I check with my store manager to make sure it was alright with him but he told me he would need a couple days to think about the idea. So when it took a couple of days I saw him in his office and asked him if he thought about the idea and he told me that it was okay. So when Halloween came I dressed up like him and he was okay with the idea at first and then he got really mad about it. To me he shouldn't of gotten mad but in my book he has always gets mad at stuff like this. To me he should of taken it in stride and let be but no he didn't even let it go he just got mad and was pissed all day. Next year he should come in as me and that would be so funny. But the best thing is that everyone at the store loved my costume. I would like people's opinions on this topic. If my store manager gave me the okay then it was okay. The question is that do you think my boss should've got mad about this. But other than that it was a very good day :)

One Reply to Halloween is a good day to dress up

Scott Hardie | November 17, 2012
Oops, apparently my Dashboard subscriptions got erased and I missed this. I don't know your boss, but he sounds like he needs to loosen up a little. It's not really the point of the saying, but you could tell him that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :-)

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