I'm scared of girls.

Seven Replies to A girl wants to meet me

Jackie Mason | September 13, 2006
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Scott Hardie | September 13, 2006
Whoa, site glitch. It looks like this post was attributed to Denise's blog instead of mine.

Denise Sawicki | September 13, 2006
It's a "woman" really, of course... just someone from a message board I visit.

Lori Lancaster | September 13, 2006
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Denise Sawicki | September 13, 2006
She's from the same town as me by the way if that's what Jackie is asking. Nope, no common friends. *I'm* probably one of those scary stalker chicks. I think the chances of running into someone more insane than I am are pretty low (though it happened before). Oh well. I'm just meeting someone for coffee. Chances are she'll find me boring and not want to talk again. Actually that's the outcome I tend to hope for because it's better than 99% of all other possible outcomes in my mind. Why do I bother trying, again???.... I think I enjoy the adrenaline rush of pondering all the possible consequences.

If I met myself, would I have a huge falling out and wind up hating myself? I think I might. Argh.

Jackie Mason | September 14, 2006
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Amy Austin | September 26, 2006
Okay... well, this is all assuming that Scott's post was actually a joke (yes, sometimes it's hard for me to tell...) -- Denise, you have a serious case of self-deprecation, girl!!!

So, I'm also assuming that you've met her by now... well... how did it go?!?!?

Prayer for the Paranoid

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Londo and Life

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My weekend

Hmm well I hope this post is appearing in my blog, maybe I am a bit confused by the changes. I was worried we would have a bad weekend, because we had no DVDs from Netflix or the library, and our AC isn't working and it's been really hot. But finally the weekend was saved by the ultra quick arrival on Saturday of Sims 2 which I ordered Thursday... Go »

Sewing completed

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We had a nice thunder snowstorm on Tuesday evening. It was kind of surreal actually. I don't remember experiencing such odd weather before. Go »


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