I'm scared of girls.

Seven Replies to A girl wants to meet me

Jackie Mason | September 13, 2006
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Scott Hardie | September 13, 2006
Whoa, site glitch. It looks like this post was attributed to Denise's blog instead of mine.

Denise Sawicki | September 13, 2006
It's a "woman" really, of course... just someone from a message board I visit.

Lori Lancaster | September 13, 2006
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Denise Sawicki | September 13, 2006
She's from the same town as me by the way if that's what Jackie is asking. Nope, no common friends. *I'm* probably one of those scary stalker chicks. I think the chances of running into someone more insane than I am are pretty low (though it happened before). Oh well. I'm just meeting someone for coffee. Chances are she'll find me boring and not want to talk again. Actually that's the outcome I tend to hope for because it's better than 99% of all other possible outcomes in my mind. Why do I bother trying, again???.... I think I enjoy the adrenaline rush of pondering all the possible consequences.

If I met myself, would I have a huge falling out and wind up hating myself? I think I might. Argh.

Jackie Mason | September 14, 2006
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Amy Austin | September 26, 2006
Okay... well, this is all assuming that Scott's post was actually a joke (yes, sometimes it's hard for me to tell...) -- Denise, you have a serious case of self-deprecation, girl!!!

So, I'm also assuming that you've met her by now... well... how did it go?!?!?

Prayer for the Paranoid

Denise Sawicki posts whatever she feels able to post without serious consequences Read more »

Another Irritating Thing

The Indian episode isn't the only irritating thing that happened with The Cedars recently. A while before that, Darrell received an e-mail from someone claiming to be from MTV saying they had listened to his songs on the Jones Soda website, liked them, and wanted a CD to consider including in their show. Now this sounds like an obvious fake, but the thing is, some research showed that the person who sent the e-mail does exist and does work at MTV, the e-mail address was verifiable, the phone number led to a seemingly legitimate voice mail, and the address was an actual office at MTV. Go »

Writing frightening verse to a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg

The identity of my birthday RB card will be public soon enough, I'm sure, so I figured I'd write a little about it. I won't state its identity outright, in hopes that I can encourage anyone who's not familiar to click the link :P. First, I didn't know a "wimpy" band could wind up ranking quite so high. Go »

Londo and Life

I woke up in the mood to write quite a bit but I feel my communication skills have fled me as of late, if indeed I ever had any to begin with. I can only hope someone out there will make some sense out of this. Yesterday was the big day at the convention and it was cool. Go »

Weather - the most boring conversational topic?!?

Well, perhaps not if you live in ND, I dunno. There's snow on the ground *and* dandelions in the lawn right now. That's a first, at least in my memory. Go »


Oh lord, new worry, what if I'm a narcissist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_Personality_Disorder "NPD is considered to result from a person’s belief that he or she is flawed in a way that makes the person fundamentally unacceptable to others [8]. Go »

New Camera

I didn't realize you could get a digital camera for $15 now... Once I became aware of this fact, I had to have one! Darrin got rid of his camera phone and this will serve the same purpose. Go »