There has to be a corny sexual position that nobody actually does (like Dirty Sanchez) named after that man.

The rest of my trip is over and was richly enjoyed. We skipped Fearless in favor of playing Playstation games and scarfing down Chinese food while talking at length about the goo game and how it could be better. Matt's cousin Scott Pugely (also a site user like aforementioned Ryan Orsucci and Kevin Fiore) arrived for the Packers game, which was a major loss but grimly anticipated well in advance, and Mario Party. Scott's a good guy; I hope to see him again next time. After more Playstation Risk in the morning, I took off for my flight, and had a much better experience with Delta this time. They may have cut it very close with the Atlanta connection yet again, but this time a flight attendant set aside two empty seats in the back for me, put up the armrest, and handed me a seat belt extension. Considering how much pain I was still in from the puddle-jumper flight I had just endured, I wasn't in the mood to be modest, and I'll be damned if it wasn't the most comfortable and pleasant flight I've had in years, even better than flying business-class like I usually do. For the first time I can remember, I wasn't clawing at my own face to relieve the pain of being crammed into a lilliputian seat. Thank you Delta!

And thank you Matt for being an awesome host. This is just the weekend trip I needed to force myself to rest and have fun. Pictures are coming.

One Reply to Bubba Franks! Bubba Franks, Y'all

Kris Weberg | October 18, 2006
I believe a "Bubba Franks" occurs when the penetrating partner does a full backflip without leaving the orifice in question.

Logical Operator

The creator of Funeratic, Scott Hardie, blogs about running this site, losing weight, and other passions including his wife Kelly, his friends, movies, gaming, and Florida. Read more »

The Revised Revised Revised Story

Last spring, This Modern World ran a great parody charting the decline of civil liberties in recent years, after the then-shocking revelation that the government was building a database of every call made in the country: (link) I was reminded of that over the weekend as the latest shocking revelation came out, that the FBI has vastly abused its new ability to request confidential information in the interest of national security (link), almost as if it was the next panel in the strip. Except I'm not laughing. Oh, what I'd have given to be the reporter at Alberto Gonzales's press conference this morning. Go »

Ten Things I Learned While Kelly's Parents Pat & Russ Spent a Week Visiting Us

• Florida reminds me of Dave Barry's quip that vacationing in Britain is great because you meet people from entirely different states. We stopped a woman to take our picture; she was visiting from New Jersey and her daughter beside her was from California. The only local we met warned us what bridge not to jump off for swimming because the water is shark-infested. Go »

R.I.P. Pat

Kelly's mother passed away last week. The event had been anticipated for decades: Pat was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child, suffered kidney failure in 1995 and survived on her brother's donated kidney, and had five strokes and five heart attacks and countless operations, including emergency brain surgery in 2007 that changed her personality. She obviously possessed quite an inner resiliency even if she seemed petite and frail on the outside, but it was inevitable that she would someday lose the fight with her own body. Go »

February 10-16

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Ten Stress-Relieving Tips for Visiting Walt Disney World

I know a few people visiting the self-proclaimed Happiest Place on Earth for the first time in 2008, and I've been there a lot, so here's what I tell them. 1) Go during the off-season: Between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, or between New Years and Valentines Day. The hotels are a fraction of their normal cost, the Florida weather is dry and cool, and best of all, park attendance is at a minimum. Go »

Day 178

People have been asking me how the diet is going. I'm still at it, although I cheat much more often than I'd like, so the daily caloric average is now 1500-1800. However, I've been stuck on one seriously cruel plateau. Go »