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Three Replies to "Citizens' Service Bureau, this is Erik."

Scott Hardie | May 17, 2014
Congrats on the new job! I know that you liked the last one, but it must be nice to have a change of pace. :-)

53,000 times. That's crazy. The phrase must all run together as one word by now. Did you come up with ways to keep your sanity in the midst of such repetition?

Also, I don't know if you can talk about it because of confidentiality concerns and such, but do you have any funny stories you can share from the last three years?

Erik Bates | May 19, 2014
It's funny. There's no outstanding stories to convey, but there are interesting repeat callers that we would get.

One lady, sweet old lady, just had issues with her neighbors. One time, she called and asked if it was OK for her to do her laundry whenever she wanted. Apparently, the neighbors told her she could only do laundry when they said it was OK. I genuinely felt bad for the lady. She seemed really sweet, but incredibly naive.

Scott Hardie | May 22, 2014
Weird. I can think of several reasons why someone would tell a sweet naive old lady that, and none of them are good.

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