Recent discussion with Brenda:

me: There's such a huge difference between how I interact with people at work and how I interact with the people in my home.

Brenda: How so?

me: At work, I spend all day talking about banking practices and domestic and international finance. At home, I spend hours with you and the kids engaging in mostly small talk.

Brenda: You sure that doesn't bore you?

me: Quite the contrary. I find it refreshing. The most difficult decision to make is normally whether to cut the lawn to 1 or 2 inch heighth. Math is relegated to determining whether or not we can afford to go to Red Robin tonight. Heady talk still happens when necessary, it's just not an everyday event. I appreciate you guys for the breath of fresh air you are to me.

One Reply to Differences That Make All The Difference

Scott Hardie | August 9, 2013
I know how you feel. Some of my friends are programmers, and they want to talk code when we get together, but I rarely find myself in the mood because my interests are compartmentalized; there's time for every subject, but they do not mix. Plus I'm too cognizant of the non-programmers in the room who don't want to hear that.

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