More and more, Halloween is becoming an occasion for parents to dress their kids for their own amusement and less and less for children to dress themselves as they want. I find it difficult to believe that any of these kids chose these costumes themselves and, although creative, are scary insights into the minds of their potential serial killer parents. The "rat eating brains" cap for infants disturbed me the most. Oompah Loompah was a close second.

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Lori Lancaster | October 12, 2008
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Steve West | October 12, 2008
Mine wants to be a princess pirate and the other one wants to stay home and watch The Wiggles.

Lori Lancaster | October 12, 2008
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Steve West | October 12, 2008
Olivia is 6 now. She likes the chocolate part of Halloween but not the dressing up part.

Lori Lancaster | October 12, 2008
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Amy Austin | October 13, 2008
And I was going to say how much the first zombie princess made me think... "Lori's daughter!" -- I could just see her wanting to be exactly that... and the child does seem to bear some slight resemblance (even without the crazy cosplay & makeup). ;-D

Steve, are you seriously that bothered? I think the "rat eating brains" cap and Oompah Loompah are rather hilarious myself... and how do *you* know that baby didn't want to be an Alien infected chicken??? Okay, so it is rather weird. Okay, very weird. But if they're too young to say what they want to dress up as, then they're probably too young to sustain any long-term trauma, I'm guessing. Hell, what do I know... any kids I'd have might just grow up to be Ted Bundy!

Steve West | October 13, 2008
No, I'm not that bothered. But yeah, a little. I mostly found it absurd but basically harmless and was just making a small joke in a social commentary. Except for that Oompah Loompah - those guys really do creep me out.

Amy Austin | October 13, 2008
Well, that's what I would have expected from you, but the tone did seem a *tad* serious... ;-)

I don't blame you on the Oompah Loompah, either... somehow, the Burton remake of that film failed to capture the same essence of total creepiness that the orange and green dwarves had. But isn't that what you want in a good Halloween costume?!?! ;-D

Sarah Kyle | October 13, 2008
I was shopping for a costume for my new little one.. It is amazing the choices you have. I found a cute little monkey one with a banana on the head. But figured he is to little to know what is going on so I am dressing him up as a pumpkin. I am not taking him out but you have to have the first halloween outfit to put in a keepsake box. lol. I have his first thanksgiving outfit that says baby's first thanksgiving. For christmas he is getting his pictures taking with santa dressed up as santa clause. Some of these halloween outfits are crazy and outfits for 8 year olds as hookers.

Steve West | October 14, 2008
My oldest daughter dressed as a pumpkin with her sister dressed as a lamb is one of the pictures gracing my desk at work.

Sarah Kyle | October 14, 2008
Yep. Well you only have so much to choose from. But at least they are normal costumes as to all these other freakish costumes that they have out now. I can't wait to take pictures of him in his costume. I post so many new pictures every day on myspace of him because he changes every day. They grow quick..

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