Kelly and I had a good time last night taking out two old friends for their birthdays to see Garfunkel and Oates in Tampa. I'm only familiar with the duo's songs, so it was refreshing that only maybe a third of the show consisted of music. The rest was stand up comedy, storytelling, audience interaction, and a weird extended commercial for their sponsor Monster Energy Drink, tall boys of which were being handed out for free, because that's just what my heart needs at ten o'clock at night.

They didn't play my favorite "Sex with Ducks," but they did play most of their popular songs including "Pregnant Women are Smug" and "Go Kart Racing," and debuted some incomplete songs in progress. The wit of their lyrics is one of their biggest strengths, but unfortunately, it was lost somewhat in the harmonizing that made it difficult to understand maybe a third of the words. I wish they'd take turns singing verses instead of harmonizing, or just play some songs from Kate Micucci's solo album. But what I did understand, I really enjoyed; I haven't laughed this much at a comedy show in a while now. The opening act, coincidentally a friend of our friends, was pretty funny too.

As a man (and a large one), I can only imagine what it's like for women traveling in unfamiliar cities at night, especially Internet-famous ones who are, let's face it, judged for their looks. During the show, some guy in the audience kept calling out things like "marry me, RIki" and "I drove all the way from Miami to see you," which the women were able to play off for humor at first, but got pretty creepy after four or five times. In the theater lobby afterward, we noticed a guy with a custom-printed "I ♥ Garfunkel and Oates" shirt practically bounding out of his wheelchair with excitement for a chance to meet the stars that might or might not happen. Much later, after nearly everyone else was gone, we were having drinks at a nearby sidewalk café when we saw Garfunkel and Oates leave and walk briskly away from the building, surrounded by what looked like theater staff as a protective bubble. Thanks for being so hospitable to them, Florida.

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In all of the coverage of the execution of Danny Rolling, I keep reading that he was "Florida's most notorious serial killer since Ted Bundy." (link) Umm... Doesn't anybody remember Aileen Wuornos? Go »

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Last night I saw Killswitch Engage, Slayer, and Marilyn Manson. This morning I discovered that Walgreens sells a pretty good neck brace for $11.99. Aaron Shurtleff bought my Mayhem Festival ticket in May as a gift, and I'm grateful to have another generous friend. Go »

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