The big news of today is we found a big flake of raisin bran crunch. I don't know if it's quite as big as the one featured in the coming link but it's pretty big. You can get some idea of what my life is like because I then proceeded to google for "largest flake" and "giant flake".

Well the bad news is that apparently big cornflakes are worth something but big flakes of raisin bran crunch are not, haha.

Nobody bought this raisin bran flake, but someone bought this cornflake for $1350 and some other people are bidding on this cornflake, it was only up to $25.49 when I looked but it could go higher.

One Reply to Giant flakes of cereal

Scott Hardie | March 26, 2008
I was surprised to see the Illinois cornflake go for so much, since it's not religious. That Virgin-Mary-burned-into-the-grilled-cheese-sandwich went for much more. Mmmmm, sacrilicious.

The thing is, some trivia buff bought it to show off as a cornflake shaped like Illinois, but now it's much more famous as the cornflake some idiot paid $1350 for.

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