More happened today than in my usual month I think... which goes to show you how uneventful my life is. So I don't think sleep is really going to happen. Technically I have Monday off of work for my birthday but I doubt that's a good idea, so I will be a zombie at work. Besides having a birthday and (barely) winning the goo game there was more.

We were getting in the car to go out and enjoy a birthday lunch special when Darrell suddenly pointed at something in alarm... it was a calico cat resting peacefully in our garage. One of her ears was missing and she looked wild and feisty so we called my mom who, luckily enough ,volunteers for cat rescue. She came over with gloves and nets and boxes to catch the cat. I figure the cat must have been in our garage since Friday morning because I left the garage door open after hauling the garbage out and running off to work.

My mom says her ear was recently lost to frostbite so she must have been outside for at least a couple weeks because it hasn't been that cold lately. So, they will perform any necessary vet services on her and see if she calms down into a peaceful cat, in which case someone can adopt her, or if not they will place her on a friendly farm. She is a rather cute kitty so apparently will be in high demand. They named her Philomena after our dog Philip.

Anyhow... I am sorry Aaron... I did forget the rules for a spell there (and perhaps I am the only one who did!) but upon becoming aware of them I simply couldn't go through the stress of a tiebreaker match. I am easily stressed! But I can virtually guarantee you that if it came to a tiebreaker, you would have won. :P

I was a bit surprised that more people didn't get my recent goo request. While not a well-known figure, it was very, very easily google-able. Start typing "seven seconds" into google and one of the first things to come up on autocomplete is "Seven Second Delay WFMU"... sounds like it has to do with radio, secondary category is radio... and besides I even mentioned the person's name before on this very site. :) I think some people were simply intimidated by my name and did not activate it. Maybe I need to cut it out with requesting so many goos.

Well, we risk being washed away in a "once in 500 years" flood yet again within a couple weeks. I am not worrying about it *too* much because I am on (generic) Prozac now and because we bought flood insurance... not that it really covers everything. It just makes me irritated more than anything I guess. And though I tried to do some pushups over the winter to get a tiny bit of arm strength, I don't think I am really going to be any better than before at helping with the flood fight. I dunno. I've been up for at least 20 hours now and I don't see myself going to sleep any time soon. I had sleeplessness on prozac for the first month but I seemed to have overcome it. I think I am just thinking too much tonight. It's quite stupid. If I do anything other than go to work, go home, and watch some TV, with maybe the occasional trip for groceries, I go nuts. Well maybe I will go attempt to read under the covers :P.

Four Replies to Crazy day

Jackie Mason | March 25, 2010
[hidden by author request]

Denise Sawicki | March 25, 2010
They didn't give me anything for sleep but I think I'm doing OK now.

The flood is over and it's winter again. I guess I was over worrying because of last year. I guess last year they were on the verge of sending armed guardsmen to force everyone to evacuate :P

Scott Hardie | March 28, 2010
Philomena is better off for having been trapped in your garage. You did some good by helping her. You'll remember this birthday. :-)

Aaron Shurtleff | April 7, 2010
Actually, I forgot too, until I received letters of condolences that I lost. :D Oops!

Honestly, I looked at all the goos at the end, and I wouldn't have gotten enough to make a difference anyhow. The victory was all yours and well deserved!!

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