The latest addition to my family...his name is GSP loves him in a strange interspecies way, however my other two cats seem offended/insulted about his existence. He seems relaxed takes it all in stride which set him as the mellowest cat I've ever had

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Six Replies to Grommet

Scott Hardie | October 29, 2007
Looks like they don't allow hotlinking. :-(

Tony Peters | October 29, 2007
so does it work now?

Jackie Mason | October 30, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | October 30, 2007
yeah I had to search the net a bit to find the proper description of him...Best we could come up with is "a white Tabby with Agouti ticking" Agouti ticking being the tendency of the ears tail and feet to be darker than the body much like an Abyssinian (probably the desert cat you were thinking of Jackie). We're not certain that he's gonna keep the blue eyes but for now that's another really cool thing about him. Zipper, our black cat, has decided that while she's not ready to snuggle down with him, evening crazies can definitely be spent with an energetic kitten not Grommet but sorta like this. Alas Sketch our stump-tailed tabby still looks upon him as an alien creature

Jackie Mason | October 31, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | October 31, 2007
mine is a Japanese Temple cat they are traditionally born with, shall we say deformed tails...bent, stumps, kinked corkscrew etc. Sketch's tail isn't bobbed it has all the musculature of a full length tail wrapped around 5 inches of bones....very strong little stump.


The musings of Tony Peters, a perpetual child, no matter where I am I will find a way to climb something or go skateboarding Read more »

Last day skateboarding of 2007

OK I admit that a 41 year old man finding a day of enjoyment skateboarding might sound strange but I find it centers me and provides a source of exercise that I can't find else ware. That said I spent the day working on my tuck, downhilling in a nearby neighborhood. I lost count of the number of times I went down the half mile hill my legs are feeling the hike back up (gotta earn those runs) so I'm gonna guess more than 20 times and I know I listened to at least 6 hours of music on my Ipod. Go »

awaiting surgery

I went into work yesterday...getting through the security turnstile that has replace the front doors of my building was more effort than I was expecting. The Elevator was not restful and when I finally did get to my office someone stole my heater (my office is so cold in the spring/summer/fall that an electric heater is required or icicles form from your breath (this isn't a joke). Go »

happy home maker

Ok before my furnace blew up I had been investing in food items for longterm storage and use. I got a deal on 1pound of vanila beans around new years as well as 2 gallons of peeled garlic last week. Anyway with water turned off in my house all day yesterday (furnace being replaced) I decided that it was a good time to do something about all the garlic and while I was at it make some xmas presents for next year (added bonus time spent in front of the stove means warmth). Go »

sticky nasty weekend

Ok this is new england it's not supposed to be this hot...I'm sure Amy actually feels at home but it's been too long since I lived in Guam this is hot. I had plans for this weekend but instead other than a dump run I tried to stay in and stay cool. Go »

I call him Sushi........

My wife and I have a thing for Amberjack......this is my final sculpture (required anyway) for the semester I shot these before I finished welding the rest of the chain on (5-6 hours today) right now he's covered in salt getting rained on in hope of promoting a patina which I can clear coat. The plan is to add numbers and hang him on the front porch in place of the numbers now there...I'll Go »

Over Programed

True to my nature I only ever seem to be happy when I have too much on my plate...I'm reading 2 books and working on an online Photoshop CS3 class (I really want my Adobe Certified Expert before I retire). However the biggest impact on my life has been my wife and I starting P90X...we Go »