A pretty fun time again this year. My brother and his wife hosted a costume party and because Cheryl is a breast cancer survivor, she requested that each costume contain a touch of pink. I carried around a baguette and sang I Want to Rock 'n' Roll All Night in French (Je veux du rock 'n roll tour le soir, et jeter tour la jour). Olivia tolerated me taping a photo to her chest without trying to rip it off. Saw a lot of family and friends. Good times.

Me as a French Kiss

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Olivia as Pink Floyd and Brenda as Bonnie Raitt
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My house as House
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Lauren saying, Wonder Woman wishes she looked this good
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Three Replies to Halloween 2015

Chris Lemler | November 1, 2015
It seems like you guys had a blast

Scott Hardie | November 1, 2015
Looks like fun. :-)

Scott Hardie | November 1, 2015
Kelly dressed as Supergirl for work and a party, whereas I dressed as the dumbass who foolishly waited until the last minute to buy a costume and found the store sold out. :-(

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