Random quote: "I accedentially (sic) ate a cherry tomato in my salad once,and now I worship satan." I personally like tomatoes and find it incredible that anyone can have such passion in either direction; love or hate. About tomatoes, I mean. C'mon.

Four Replies to These People Really Hate Tomatoes

Amy Austin | August 13, 2007
Jesus hates tomatoes??? I did not know this.

(I don't understand it, either, Steve... tomatoes are delicious. And there's no such thing as too many cherry tomatoes in *my* salad!)

Russ Wilhelm | August 13, 2007
Although I have nothing against tomatoes as a whole, I'm very perticular about the taste and texture. And it only takes one tomato to set off that sense, and I'm going through my salad removing all the rest, so I keep the number of tomatoes down. Most of the time I only put one, if any, in my salad. Unfortunaltely I don't always have that choice.

Tony Peters | August 13, 2007
ummmm tomatos....I have a large pile on the butcher block in my kitchen, 10-12 of various different kinds. We finished the Cherrys last night and are working our way through the big meaty ones...Had a yellow one last night for dinner (yes I said A as in only one and it was dinner) that was so sweet it was almost like desert. If that's what worshiping the devil is like then I will have a black mass ever night

Amy Austin | August 14, 2007

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