I've been to this site a few dozen times without considering linking to it. But a picture they posted really cracked me up because it, once again, reminded me of my Carolina cousins, rednecks all. Anyway the picture I'm referring to is called redneck Barbies and they remind me of a favorite pair of cousins of mine, Rodney and Looler. They also remind me of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.

Three Replies to Redneck ROFL

Amy Austin | June 7, 2008
Holy catfish, Batman! I love catfish (had it for dinner tonight, in fact!), and I like to fish, too... but you can *for-get* *that* -- I'll stick to bait on a hook and line, thanks...

Steve West | June 7, 2008
Yep, my cousins again. Kidding but I could see them doing that. The family reunion/inevitable fish fry was a highlight of many Carolina trips. Hushpuppies & catfish. Drool, drool.

Tony Peters | June 9, 2008
ummmm catfish...

the jokes have me in tears BTW

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