Sign me up for information about lap band surgery, using my work email address and work phone number. I've been getting calls from various hospitals since last week.

At first I thought it was my friend and co-worker Aaron (not Shurtleff), since he has a mischievous sense of humor, but he denies it. It could be well-intentioned or a mean prank; I have no idea. But either way it pisses me off at a place where I don't need more stress.

Four Replies to How to Get on My Bad Side

Amy Austin | June 16, 2009
That's pretty shitty. ;-(

Aaron Shurtleff | June 16, 2009
I have done similar things to people that I have issues with (no sense being untruthful), but I nether have issues with you, Scott, nor would I even have that kind of information. It wasn't this Aaron, either. That is really crappy. I'm glad I outgrew such nonsense years ago.

Jackie Mason | June 18, 2009
[hidden by author request]

Justin Conner | August 23, 2009
I don't know what the intent of the e-mail intent was. Lap band is a serious risky, life-changing surgery. If socially inept good-intented, they probably didn't realize that the suggestion was like saying: "Hey, you have bad breath. Why don't you have all your teeth pulled and get dentures."
Some people are mean, but the majority are just ignorant.

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Red Carpet Saturday

Some friends of ours recently made a short film (they're officially in IMDb) that got into the Sarasota Film Festival, so Kelly and I had to check it out. It screened with eight other short family-friendly films on a Saturday morning, and there was good turnout for the two locally-made titles in the set. I enjoyed our friends' comedy and laughed along with everyone else, and I was impressed by several of the other movies too. Go »

Haute cuisine

Today I came across this photo gallery of independent restaurants around our area. Some of them we've enjoyed, like GooCon favorite The Lobster Pot, and others are ones we just haven't gotten around to yet. As pretty as the food looks, I find myself looking at the dining rooms and noticing how many of them look decorated for private parties. Go »

Happiness, That's My Livelihood

Somehow I've agreed to teach HTML & PHP classes on Friday mornings. Two down, at least two to go. I enjoy teaching, and you know I enjoy making websites, but the getting-up-before-dawn-at-the-end-of-a-long-week part is agony. Go »

Cold Turkey

Last night, we visited friends to celebrate "orphans Thanksgiving," for those of us who don't travel north to see our families. My family lives right here in Sarasota and we already had a nice holiday dinner on the beach (mmm grouper), but I wasn't about to miss a gathering with friends. The food was good and the company was great, but what I didn't expect was the cold, or I'd have put on more than a t-shirt and light slacks. Go »

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