Today I got kicked in the face, spit on three times, twice it landed in my mouth, plus various kicks, scratches, pinches, attempted bites and more swearing at than I can count.

I've been doing this sort of thing, working with behavior kids, for 6 years now.

I just can't stand it anymore. I go to work at my current employer (which has touted the highest "human rights committee") and do perhaps the MOST dangerous job. At least with my former employers when a child attacked you so severely, you could call the cops and have them arrested. When they were dangerous to themselves or others they utilized "time out rooms" Here we are very much (they are thinking of getting rid of them altogether) discouraged, or filled with so much paperwork and manpower that they are beyond even really having in action.

I'm so damn SICK of being beat up all day. I wouldn't mind it if I got paid well. I'm not. I can't even afford to live. This is killing me. What the classroom team wants me to do is become "tough" and basically scare the shit out of the kids. I can't do that. If I start down that path, where would it lead me? I'm not going to be like that.

So I'm done. I'm looking for a new job tomorrow. One that I can afford to pay rent on.

Its funny that a place that proclaims it has the highest regard for the children, in fact, treats it's own employees as dirt and doesn't care when they get hurt. It's not about our happiness. Or our safety, it seems.

Five Replies to I hate my job

Jackie Mason | October 17, 2007
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Kelly Hardie | October 17, 2007
Its more along the lines of certain kids who have no chance whatsoever of getting better, therefore, why do we claim to do that?

i've worked with BD kids before, this is by FAR the worst. And my last place was only BD kids.

Jackie Mason | October 17, 2007
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Kelly Hardie | October 18, 2007
My place is all about the drugs. But, you forget, I'm nothing. I just interact with the kids and know all their ins and outs. I can't recommend anything. In fact, frequently I can tell when kids have been medicated or not. But it doesn't matter, since, once again, my job position is punching bag.

Jackie Mason | October 18, 2007
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