So this weekend, which I may blog more about later, had a particular funny spot, I would like to think. As some of you may know, I'm addicted to Brotherhood 2.0, which is a video blog of two brothers. It has grown to a sub culture almost. They have this hand sign, for Nerdfighters, meaning you are in fact a nerd, and a fan of the video blog. Its a sign of cool, and it's also a sign of awesome. Its sorta a crossed vulcan thing, with sound effects and movements, that I will never accomplish correctly.

And I got my friend Gina addicted to it. And she became a Pro-Tem Regent (a high office) last second before coronation this weekend. Like three weeks warning. Saturday, we were all at Court (where they give out awards) which is in front of everyone at the event. Thats like 150 some odd people, but I'm probably overcompensating a bit there... and I get called up to court for some award or another.

And I'm kneeling in front of The king and regent and the royal guard and everyone is dressed just real pretty (Gina had the absolute BEST bodice on EVAR!) and Gina gives me an award for helping out last minute and stuff and I do

Hoo Ha! Nerdfighters!

and she starts cracking up. It was wonderful.


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Scott Hardie | October 2, 2007

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