Seems like every time I need an oil change they want to do $600 of service on my car even though it's running fine. It's getting so I absolutely dread oil changes because I feel like such an idiot not knowing what I really need done to the stupid car and I feel like an asshole if I say anything about it. I hate my stupid car. Like the last time I had a flat tire, which was 2 years ago but which still fills me with dread, they wound up requiring me to replace 3 tires and I was kinda freaking out. It's not like I can't afford it, I just hate feeling like an idiot. Then the last time I had an oil change they indicated to me that I will soon need two tires replaced. Well that makes 5 tires in 2 years, doesn't that seem a bit excessive? I could understand replacing just the one that hadn't been replaced. Now I hear I probably have bad wear patterns on a second one because it wasn't replaced at the same time as the other 3. So any time you have a flat tire you need to replace 2 tires to avoid replacing a total of 3 tires 2 years down the road? My inability to handle this basic stuff is kind of an indication of my greater inability to handle people.

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Lori Lancaster | March 26, 2008
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Jackie Mason | March 29, 2008
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