Volcano? Locusts? Asteroid? New Nickelback album?

One Reply to Taking Bets for 2021

Scott Hardie | November 27, 2020
Dude, don't tempt fate.

I'd bet on more of the same environmental calamities: hurricanes and wildfires and maybe derechos, which I just learned are not spelled derechoes-with-an-e even though they can produce tornadoes-with-an-e. Likely more economic pain as Congress continues not to provide relief to a public that badly needs all the help it can get. Maybe some side effects from a COVID-19 vaccine, hopefully nothing on the scale of the Cutter Incident. And of course, the continued disintegration and polarization of American society; that much sadly seems like a given at this point.

But I'm hopeful for a better 2021, actually. If a vaccine that is declared safe -- if Fauci takes it, that's good enough for me -- is widely distributed and taken, maybe we'll only have to go through one holiday season without seeing loved ones. I'm as eager for this to be over with as anyone.

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