Russ Wilhelm won this round on December 2, 2022. There were 90 goos.

Players this round: Russ Wilhelm (90 goos solved, a perfect score), Steve West (76 goos solved), LaVonne Lemler (71 goos solved), Samir Mehta (71 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (52 goos solved), Scott Hardie (23 goos solved), and Erik Bates (10 goos solved).

Arch Aplin III

Inspired by his woodland-creature nickname, this Texan imagined someday owning and running a large chain of gas stations throughout the South, and I mean world-record large. Go »

Rachel Comey

This designer, who has dressed a lusty rock band, watched her career take flight alongside 9/11. Go »

Ferdinand Magellan

500 years ago today, his expedition proved by direct action that the world was round after sailing around it in its entirety, and yet we still argue about whether it's flat. Go »

Thomas Arakaki

This Hawaiian should have never told the cops that he had to kill his uncle. But was he able to stand trial for his crime? Go »

Robert Liston

Without anesthesia, this Scottish doctor not only didn't save the patient but killed three people in the attempt. Go »

DeMarcus Cousins

This King of Sacramento's reign of terror eventually ended after years of hostile, bullying, and borderline violent behavior, which he might have picked up from extended relatives. Go »

Charles III

Taking over a monarchy is complicated, but this Brit has had 73 years to prepare. Go »

John Roberts

He is America's 17th most supreme Supreme. Go »

Marc Savard

This Canadian never played enough required games in 2011 but automatically got his name engraved on the Stanley Cup. After joining the coaching staff for the 2019 Stanley Cup champs, he's now working in Windsor. Go »

Michel Pierre

This New Yorker flushed and (surprise!) got shrapnel wounds instead. Go »

Christiane Völling

When genetics and anatomy disagree, a surgeon might intervene to repair the difference, and it might take a defendant's day in court to repair that damage. This German woman is the first to sue successfully. Go »

Halima Cisse

Talk about Birth of a Nation! Octomom can kiss her Malian ass. Go »

Joseph Oberhansley

This Jeffrey Dahmer of Indiana just couldn't get enough of his ex-girlfriend. Go »

Anna Sorokin

She went from Russia to Germany and to France within New York City, unless that was all another invention too. Go »

Colleen Hoover

Maybe someday this veritably hopeless girl will confess her ugly love before it ends with retreat too late. Maybe now? Go »

Mariska Hargitay

Somewhere in the 24 years (and counting) of playing a sex crimes investigator for the NYPD, she was moved to start a joyful foundation to help victims of sexual abuse. Go »

Matt Hires

This frontman from Florida might not want to hire pretty girls who come from ugly places to dance at the F-Stop. Go »

Frankie Lymon

This soprano lead singer of an eponymous boy band split with the band after a huge hit. His solo career tanked and was followed by a heroin overdose a decade later. Go »

Edward Hopper

His paintings of people in large indoor spaces like a New York eatery, a Chinese restaurant, and an all-night diner earned him as reputation as a chronicler of loneliness. Go »

Robert Preston

Seventy-six musical instruments won this musical guy a Tony and then a Golden Globe nomination. Go »

Doug Ramsey

The jokes were beyond easy to write when this vegan executive tried an unusual meat source after a college football game. Go »

Gerardo Parra

You would think being the 88th player (one greater than his birth year) would have been a national record for being the next baby shark. Go »

Mahsa Amini

This Iranian's heart didn't give out, and the same must now be so for the protesters inspired by her. Go »

Louise Fletcher

Despite her fame for playing icy women in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, she also gave a memorably warm and loving tribute to her deaf parents after winning an Academy Award. Go »

Yusuke Taniguchi

警官がこの日本のレジ係に写真を見せたら、それを思い出すのは難しいだろう。しかし、クレジットカード番号を盗むのは簡単です。 Go »

Kyle Rittenhouse

This Illinoisan teenager was eventually acquitted by a jury on two charges of homicide after the worst day trip to Wisconsin ever. Go »

Bettye Swann

Born and raised in the Pelican State, this soul singer retired but had some resurgence when one of her songs was featured in an episode of The End of the F***ing World. Go »

Anežka Kašpárková

This Czech nonagenarian transformed her Moravian village into an art gallery. Go »

Macy Gray

Even if she tried to do something besides music, it wouldn't have worked, because that's how her life is. Go »

Kenzo Kase

This chiropractor may not have taped all of the sessions but may have stretched the truth and cracked a few joints while working. Go »

Rory McIlroy

Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and this UK-based golfer are the only people to have accomplished something four times by age 25. Go »

Charles R. Schwab

You may not know this very wealthy Californian, but you've probably heard of his eponymous financial company that brought inexpensive security trading to the masses. Go »

Sam Sheppard

Forty years before he was exonerated by DNA evidence, this doctor tried to tell the people of Cleveland that he didn't kill his wife, but they collectively responded, "I don't care." Go »

Brian Cullinan

This accountant had one job during Hollywood's biggest night of the year, and it wasn't tweeting a photo of Emma Stone from backstage. Go »

Herbert Morrison

A long-time journalist, he'll always be remembered for reporting on a particular air disaster. Go »

Dan Reynolds

This singer is from Las Vegas but likes to imagine that he's Egyptian. Go »

Sacheen Littlefeather

Shortly before her recent passing, the Academy apologized to this one-time Alcatraz occupier for the criticism that she had to endure on behalf of Marlon Brando Go »

J.D. Martinez

This RF from Miami Florida had never gotten to 2nd base while playing in the outfield, but when playing the Yankees he accidently did. Go »

Ronan Farrow

He has taken down powerful predators in Hollywood including Harvey Weinstein and Les Moonves, inspired by the sexual abuse that he claims to have seen in his own family from his father Woody Allen. Go »

Joel Pritchard

Washingtonians called him a representative and a lieutenant governor. To pickleball fans, he's something more important. Go »

William H. Macy

You might know him as a scheming car salesman in Minneapolis, an alcoholic father of six in Chicago, or a worried father searching for his son in Jurassic Park. Go »

Tommie Smith

This athlete who raised his fist was accused of politicizing the Olympic Games. He was honored by his Alma Mater with the Presidential Award for Activism. Go »

Nikita Khrushchev

If the confrontation between this Soviet chairman and his American counterpart that started sixty years ago today had gone differently, none of us might be here to commemorate it. Go »

Nury Martinez

After nearly a decade of service to the city, her biggest contribution to Los Angeles might be exposing the racism that remains at the highest levels of power. Go »

Nick Cave

He walked out on his own party to plant some seeds, but found nowhere to sit that felt merciful. Go »

Zach King

This expert video editor knows how to make an audience of followers appear out of thin air. Who's the king? Go »

James Holzhauer

This gambler likes to double his money daily when putting the champion in harms way. Could this goo be the next Jennings? Go »

Liz Truss

She may not have been the U.K.'s shortest prime minister in height, but she certainly was in tenure. Go »

Randy Travis

This country singer believed that forever and ever (and always and forever) were just a matter of time, which he proved by returning to performing after a stroke permanently ended his career. Go »

James Patrick Stuart

This actor can be very complicated: The simple life for this guy means playing a factory worker, a prosecutor, a father, a doctor, and a ghost whisperer. Go »

Louis XVII

In the 18th century, tuberculosis was as deadly as the guillotine. Go »

James Murray

This Joker was married to another joker's sister, but the name of that joker rhymes with pal. They made a movie that came out on February 21, 2020. Go »

Chris Isaak

This singer's two biggest hits happened well after their initial releases, when two directors (Lynch and Kubrick) decided to use them in movies. Go »

Jenna Lyons

With the help of her crew, this fashion designer became one of the most influential tastemakers in America, but after years of declining sales, she's now focused on being a housewife. Go »


Ghoulardi would have loved the first two singles by this twice Vegan rapper. Go »

Bob Costas

This sports addict began his career at age 22 and has continued covering professional and amateur sports for nearly 50 years. Imagine the cost to his employers for his work and experience! Go »

Sam Klemmer

This actor saw this girl do the twist before she was gone but then jumped right into a big black cat suit and scared only one person. Go »

Gay Talese

Along with a wolf and a hunter, this heterosexual reporter from Jersey helped to usher in a new form of journalism. Go »

Melvin Purvis

Leading the manhunt for Baby Face - check, Pretty Boy - check, The Jackrabbit - check. No wonder Hoover is so jealous. Go »

Nathan Fielder

He's known for spending a lot of time rehearsing his shows for you, as well as for operating a Starbucks that wasn't a Starbucks. Go »

Edward Smith

Some sources say that he planned to retire after Titanic's maiden voyage. It became his final trip in an indisputable way. Go »

Cara Buono

She's been a lover, a mother, a spy, and a wife, in (not in the same order) Mad Men, Person of Interest, Stranger Things, and The Sopranos. Go »

Greg LeMond

This American, whose French name means "the world," traveled across the world to win the Tour de France, becoming the only cyclist from America to do so, but before France, he became the first American to win the World Championships. Go »

Adriene Mishler

If practicing yoga makes you feel like Supergirl, this pandemic sensation on YouTube might be the reason. Go »

Jay Johnston

His collaborations with Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Sarah Silverman, and Bob Belcher led to a successful career in TV comedy that may have ended with his collaboration with the January 6th rioters. Go »

Josh Nalley

Some animals instinctively play dead. This TikTok user turned it into a TV appearance, though it wasn't a live episode. Go »

Lori Greiner

This Shark would like to be called The Queen of QVC, but wanting 300k for 15% isn't a deal that you should be making with this shark. Go »

Joseph Gatto

This New Yorker was one of the tenderloins except for when this person was a fool for joining TruTV. Go »

Jesse Brown

The first Black (and Brown) naval casualty in the Korean War happened to be this celebrated pilot, whose devotion to his country continues to be an inspiration. Go »

Thomas Hart Benton

This painter put a lot of heart into his paintings since the artwork was painted with a bunch of fluids. Go »

Natalie Merchant

It didn't trouble her to leave behind her 9,999 bandmates. Since then, she has sold many retail copies of her solo albums. Go »

Jesse Frederick

Don't be too shocked when you find this composer who did the songs for several 1980s family show sitcoms. Go »

Morris Michtom

Don't give this bear a big Russian hug until your little kid gets a stuffed toy. Go »

Sasha Banks

Being born in California and having a cousin that's in the wrestling HOF will make a girl push you out of the way. A hint to finding this answer is that the Californian cousin doesn't bite, just barks loud. Go »

Peter Benchley

The cultural impact of his thrillers, adapted into films by the likes of Steven Spielberg, Peter Yates, and Michael Ritchie, has driven him into ocean conservation as a means of making amends. Go »

Kevin O'Leary

This somewhat bald-headed Shark wants to be called Mr. Wonderful and isn't an easy business man to get along with. He prefers 200k for 30 percent equity of your business. Go »

Vincent Castiglia

This artist literally puts himself into his work for heavy metal bands like Slayer and Triptykon. Go »

Jack Harlow

They all say what is popping is this TikTok rapper's career. Go »

Mark Sargent

This behatted YouTuber's numbers have been anything but flat ever since he started giving a world-spanning conspiracy-believing community its marching orders. Go »

Sharbat Gula

Taking asylum in Italy last year is only the latest turn of events for this former (and formerly unknown) cover girl. Go »

Søren Kierkegaard

Incorrect guesses for this goo can only be understood backwards, but they must be submitted forwards. Go »

Isabel Emrich

This Expressionistic artist likes to do underwater art. Go »

Joseph Heller

You don't know the answer until you have solved this goo, but you can't solve this goo until you know the answer. Go »

Stevin John

This kid educator would love to dance and play with kids by riding a fire truck. Go »

Diane Morgan

She's known for playing the worst interviewer on British television and acting opposite Ricky Gervais in a grief-stricken comedy. Go »

Jackson Dunn

Whenever he gets mistaken for the Brightburn actor, this Aussie musician just relaxes and lets it roll off of him. Go »

Maya Lin

When she dies, she can be memorialized by a simple list of her works carved into a wall in the ground. Go »

Marjorie Taylor Greene

This Georgian representative is too far to the political right to be a member of the Greene party. Go »

Eric Clapton

This English musician and singer may put on make up and and look wonderful tonight. Go »

Marie Currie

She never won a Nobel Prize for her contributions to science, but after her twin sister ran away, she did meet up with her to sing about lamenting her absence. Go »