This celebrity goo was created by player Steve West.
Scott Hardie replaced the difficulty, made major changes to the clue, and made major changes to the explanation provided by Steve.

publication date: Saturday, May 1, 2021 (part of Spring 2021)

category: Hoaxes

clue: This medical huckster was successful enough to buy his own hotel.

explanation: Green made millions selling medical potions which were primarily laudanum. He bought a hotel in Pasadena, California and called it "Hotel Green," as well as buying other hotels beside it to add to the complex which is now a historic monument. more…

difficulty: hard

solved by: Russ Wilhelm and Denise Sawicki

trivia: Steve's original clue mentioned that Green was on a stamp. Scott couldn't find any reference to this online, so he changed the hint in the clue to refer to Green's hotel complex instead. Unfortunately, this resulted in two players guessing an infamous hotel owner instead.

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