This celebrity goo was created by player Steve West.

publication date: Saturday, April 27, 2019 (part of Spring 2019)

category: Legends

clue: Little lamb, big story.

explanation: Nursery rhyme legend, Mary Sawyer, did indeed have a little lamb and it followed her to school. She later sold pieces of its wool for charity. more…

intended difficulty: medium

solved by: Russ Wilhelm, LaVonne Lemler, Samir Mehta, Chris Lemler, Richard Slominsky, Matthew Preston, Scott Hardie, and Stan Iwanchuk

trivia: When creating the goo, Steve acknowledged that the photo did not portray Sawyer, but instead showed a lamb statue erected by her hometown in her honor, and hoped that it was sufficient since there were no true images of Sawyer available. Scott agreed under the circumstances.

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