Scott Hardie | April 30, 2022
Here's giving advance notice that Rock Block's summer tournament is soon to begin. On Saturday, May 7, we'll begin a tournament based on the 1984 German hit "99 Luftballons," a plea for peace in the world.

You'll start with 99 balloons and only one automatic concert at a time. With each victory, you'll have a choice to make: Pop your own balloon, or pop another player's balloon to spawn two more concerts to speed up the process and possibly double your reward. The first player to run out of balloons will win.

Each concert will time out after four days of inactivity. In the past, when there have been shorter-than-usual concerts like this, players have preferred advance notice so that they're ready to go on time and don't miss anything. Here's providing it.

I previously hinted that "Hotel California" would inspire the next RB tournament, but the plan that I have for that is too elaborate for me to pull off right now. I'm working on it for 2023.

I'll post a reminder when we begin in a week. Good luck!

Steve West | April 30, 2022

Scott Hardie | May 7, 2022
The tournament has begun! The first two concerts will automatically spawn shortly. Good luck!

I learned a lesson from last summer: A timeout condition has been restored from earlier tournaments. If this isn't over by August 31, it will end that evening with the current positions determining a winner.

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