Scott Hardie | July 15, 2008
You have enough money that you never need to work again. You've also been given a grant to go to a local university, to study anything you want. What do you choose and why?

Tony Peters | July 15, 2008
I was going to say engineering so that I could build usefull things but at this stage of my life Numbers aren't my friends anymore. Instead I will say Art, so that I can gain an understanding into what has been created by man in this world

Steve West | July 15, 2008
History and English. Nothing will make you more cultured and knowledgeable (IMHO).

Lori Lancaster | July 15, 2008
[hidden by request]

Aaron Shurtleff | July 15, 2008
That's a good question...

You know...I've always kind of wanted to learn to play the cello. I'd have to say I'd go take cello classes! :)

Or some kind of drawing class. I'd like to be able to express myself in an artfully acceptable way. I have zero artistic ability, though...

Lori Lancaster | July 15, 2008
[hidden by request]

Samir Mehta | July 15, 2008
[hidden by request]

Aaron Shurtleff | July 16, 2008
I think my inner fanboy draws at a 3 year old level, but I'll not argue. :)

Erik Bates | July 16, 2008
[hidden by request]

Steve West | July 16, 2008
I'd really recommend signing and if you can find a deaf instructor so much the better. Immersion is greatly beneficial. I've done both and much preferred my deaf instructors but the hearing instructors I had were very enthusiastic and immersed themselves in the deaf culture and community.

Samir Mehta | July 16, 2008
[hidden by request]

Erik Bates | July 17, 2008
[hidden by request]

Samir Mehta | July 18, 2008
[hidden by request]

Erik Bates | July 18, 2008
[hidden by request]

Samir Mehta | July 18, 2008
[hidden by request]

Jackie Mason | July 18, 2008
[hidden by request]

Erik Bates | July 19, 2008
[hidden by request]

Mike Eberhart | July 30, 2008
I would also have to say, avoid North St. Louis as well. If you like burned out building and people hanging out on the street 24hrs a day. It's a great place to visit. I'll stick to my side of the river though. Being 20 miles east of St. Louis isn't a bad place to be...

Jackie Mason | July 31, 2008
[hidden by request]

Mike Eberhart | August 2, 2008
Yeah, I know where Trenton is. It's about 30 minutes from me. I'm in Glen Carbon. Kind of right in the middle of everything.

Erik Bates | August 2, 2008
[hidden by request]

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