Scott Hardie | June 29, 2019
There are two new pages honoring player achievements in Celebrity Goo Game.

Collectors are players who have solved a goo in every single category in Celebrity Goo Game. It's not easy, thanks to how rarely certain categories come up. Congrats to Amy, Chris, Denise, Erik, Joanna, Justin, LaVonne, Matthew, Mike, Mike, Richard, Russ, Samir, Steve, and Steve for pulling it off!

There are currently 55 categories. It's quite rare, but every once in a while, a totally new category is added. When this happens, the list of collectors will empty, and the former collectors will have to earn the achievement again by solving in the new category.

If you go to your own profile in the game, it says how many categories you have collected to date.

Swift Solutions are any solves that happened in under one minute. This is based on the time when each goo was published at midnight ET, not those old bracketed tournaments where players had to activate a timer before seeing the goo. (That old data is gone.) So if a goo was published at 12:00:00am exactly, and you solved it on or before 12:00:59am, it would count for a Swift Solution.

Right now, ten players have done it. Congrats to Chris (eleven times! wow!), Samir, Amy, Dave, Elliot, Josh, LaVonne, Scott, Steve, and Steve. Amy has the fastest solve to date, in only 20 seconds.

However, I expect the list to grow quickly. It was never before expected of anyone to solve quickly, so these early cases have just happened by chance. Now that there's a designated reward to collect, I'm sure that some players will give it a shot. Will this cause more players to guess incorrectly and alter the outcome of the rest of the game? Time will tell.

Going forward, I'll announce whenever someone earns either achievement for the first time. Happy hunting!

Aaron Shurtleff | June 29, 2019
I have 54 categories... Is there a way to tell which is the one I haven't gotten yet?

I like the idea. I look forward to doing the best I can to accomplish these, if I can. :P

Scott Hardie | June 29, 2019
Illusions is the one you're missing, Aaron.

Aaron Shurtleff | July 2, 2019
Ugh. One minute is tough...

Erik Bates | July 2, 2019
The father (further?) West you are, the easier it gets. I only have to stay up until 11. ;-)

Aaron Shurtleff | July 3, 2019
OK, that one was close but I dont know if I got it.

EDIT: It appears I did not. :P

Matthew Preston | July 3, 2019
How close did I get on the 07/03/19 goo, Scott?

Scott Hardie | July 3, 2019
Matthew, you solved in 1:20. Aaron, in 1:29. So both guesses were close.

I'm sure it must be much, well, easier to do this on a very easy goo, since you typically know the answer as soon as you see it.

Chris Lemler | July 3, 2019
Scott is there a way you can post times not on the guessing page but on the pagoda page where it just shows all the correct guesses?

Scott Hardie | July 3, 2019
Good idea, Chris. When you look at the details of a player's score in the pagoda, it already showed the hour and minutes, so I just added seconds to that chart as well. While I was in there, I added a link to the player's profile at the bottom of the chart, which I think felt missing.

Aaron Shurtleff | July 5, 2019

Scott Hardie | July 5, 2019
Ha! Congrats on joining the club, Aaron!

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