These goos are from the Illusions category, people famous for stage magic, feats of endurance and escape, and other tricks of the eye. Browse another way.

Criss Angel

I believe his stage show is designed to freak your mind. Go »

David Blaine

This would-be modern Houdini risks life and limb (or seems to) with remarkable feats of endurance. Go »

Penn Jillette

This magician's license plates are ATHEIST, NOGOD, and GODLESS. Go »

Penn Jillette

He conducts his magic act like a business: With a silent partner. Go »


This magician, half of a famous duo, will never tell you the secrets of his magic show, or tell you anything else while he's on stage. Go »

The Amazing Johnathan

This magician will use every trick in the book to get you to laugh. Go »