Matthew Preston | September 21, 2017
Did Russ just end his current streak on your goo, Erik? This image shows his guess pending. It currently shows no one has guessed it yet. If Russ can't get it, I'm going to just stop trying now (that's a compliment Russ).

Erik Bates | September 21, 2017

I didn't think it would be THAT hard!

When you make one this hard, you start second-guessing your clue when nobody gets it.

I'm already bracing for hate mail. :-)

Chris Lemler | September 21, 2017
I know the hate mail feeling. It looks like I'm not going to be hated any more you are.....haha......IM FREE :)

Samir Mehta | September 21, 2017
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | September 21, 2017
I didn't think it would be that hard either, or I would have rated it very hard. Goos are tough to judge from the other side when you have all of the information.

Well, there's apparently a great opportunity for a Solo Solution here if anyone wants to go for it...

Chris Lemler | September 21, 2017
Was my goo very hard or very easy.....haha 6 people got my very hard goo.....lmao

Chris Lemler | September 21, 2017
Erik you just can't go around ruining peoples streaks anytime you want job well done on it. It looks like you got me up against the wall and my back hurts cause of it.....haha

Aaron Shurtleff | September 21, 2017
The picture looks SO familiar! That is killing me. I think i am going to find out i have seen it before..

Scott Hardie | September 22, 2017
I didn't say it explicitly before, so let me say it now: I apologize for messing up the difficulty rating on this one. It's a minor mistake in the grand scheme of things, and there's going to be a lot more where that came from because I will always be lousy at gauging a goo's difficulty in advance, so I'm not usually going to say that, but in this case I'm saying it. I'm still glad that I ran the goo and I don't think it's unfair—Erik did a good job on it—I just think "hard" is the wrong label to put on it.

Russ Wilhelm | September 22, 2017
It was good while it lasted, and I'll miss it. But that's the nature of the beast.

Eric, if the clue is good, no worries about hate mail :-) In fact, I'd then say keep 'em coming. We need more difficult goos. Preferably ones that are meant for at least one person to be able to get, not neccessarily me, though that would be nice too.

But I was done. I ran out of ideas, knew I wasn't gong to get it, and it was in the way. So I took a chance, and it didn't pan out. I'm ok with that.

Who knows. Maybe it isn't as hard as it appears. There's still a chance for every one else to get it. Good luck all. :-D

Erik Bates | September 22, 2017
And today's goo is a Very Hard one by none other than Russ.

Well played, website.

Well played.

Aaron Shurtleff | September 22, 2017
Yeah, and that is the one I win the lottery on! Thanks, Russ! :)

Russ Wilhelm | September 23, 2017
Yup. Feeling the love. ;-D

Scott Hardie | September 24, 2017
Chris had some funny comments in this discussion, but now he gets the last laugh: Chris is the only player who managed to solve Erik's goo, earning him his second Solo Solution, preserving his streak of 145 goos (by far the longest in the game right now), and giving him quite an advantage in badges. Well done, Chris!

Erik Bates | September 24, 2017
Haha! Well done, sir!

Care to share the thought process that got you to the answer?

Or does a magician not reveal his secrets?

Chris Lemler | September 24, 2017
Thank you! I would love to explain how I came up with your goo. It was a nail biter I couldn't find it until Friday afternoon after getting back from watching my nephew. I kept typing the clue in different ways and I kept coming up with different singers. I finally saw something about the clue that wasn't adding up to me which was the end of your clue. I kept looking at "she's definitely done more than nothin'." I figured done more than nothin" meant she had to do something so I just typed in music female + on my own + something and then I saw the name Nikka Costa. I never saw her name pop up when I was searching before so I figured I would look her up and scrolled through the images and low and behold there was the photo. So I want to give you kudos on a job well done with making the goo Nikka Costa. Erik I was completely shocked when I found it because in the goo├ęd photo it looked like it was a shoulder instead of hands crossed her chin. All I can say is I typed in the right combination of words and got lucky.

Russ Wilhelm | September 24, 2017
Good going Chris, and well done Erik. Definitely a worthy goo.

Steve West | September 24, 2017
I think you may have inspired a new difficulty rating, "Nearly Impossible". Keep it up.

LaVonne Lemler | September 24, 2017
Awesome, Chris --- perseverance pays! Great job, Erik! Guess I'll throw in the towel when your "very hard" goo appears!! :-) Keep 'em coming!

Chris Lemler | September 25, 2017
Thanks Russ and LaVonne

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