Scott Hardie | June 27, 2008
Is anybody else bothered by Clinton's pleas for the public to help her pay off her campaign debt, most of which is owed to herself personally? Now Obama is urging his supporters to send her money. (link) I feel for anybody who lost that much money in that short of a timeframe, but she gave it up voluntarily. If your campaign is that far in the red, it's a good sign that it's not viable, and you're throwing money away. I don't think anyone should give her a cent after that kind of financial mistake, and I'd say the same for any other candidate. Am I wrong?

Aaron Shurtleff | June 27, 2008
You know, I was angry when I heard about this myself. You shouldn't get your money back like that, and people who gave you money for your candidacy shouldnt get their money back either, in my opinion. Especially given that she pretty much didn't do her job for a while in order to try to become president. (And I don't cannot tell me she represented her constituency properly while she was so focused on her candidacy. I'm not saying she didn't do it, but not to the degree she could have if she was focused on it).

And you really shouldn't ask people to help you recoup your losses. That's tacky. :(

Scott Hardie | June 27, 2008
Glad to hear I'm not nuts. If I decide during GooCon to hire a live band, I'm not going to ask you each to send me another thousand a few weeks later.

Amy Austin | June 27, 2008
I was bothered... I just haven't figured out to what extent yet.

Lori Lancaster | June 27, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | June 27, 2008
I agree with the casino analogy, she gambled and lost...

as to Aaron's statement that she didn't represent her constituency properly (excusing the carpet bagging she is guilty of), I think that given how little congress has accomplished over the last year she provided as much representation as any other member of congress and now that she's not going to be president she has enough new contacts to really help the people she claims to represent

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