Steve West | October 3, 2010
Happy Birthday - Party at the bowling alley! I'll send you this next year if I can find it.

click photo to zoom

Chris Lemler | October 3, 2010
Thanks Steve......Well that's what is going to Have a tournament to participate in tomorrow so to me its a party.. :)

LaVonne Lemler | October 3, 2010
LOL! Have a fun AND successful can buy us dinner after the tourney! :)

Matthew Preston | October 3, 2010
Happy birthday man!

Sarah Kyle | October 3, 2010
Happy Birthday Chris. We need to get together maybe next weekend and do something :)

Chris Lemler | October 3, 2010
That would be great

Aaron Shurtleff | October 4, 2010
Happy late birthday, Chris!! :)

Chris Lemler | October 4, 2010
Ty AAron

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