Amy Austin | August 6, 2008
Anybody else watching The Daily Show lately and thinking that Jon Stewart is in top form... his finest hour???

All last week (and this), I was laughing my ass off at the balls he's been bustin' out with and on... I'm just waiting for him to change the name of the show to "Jon Stewart RAW" any day now (he's certainly been dropping a lot of hilarious F-bombs of late!) -- I, for one, am completely blown away and awestruck by his willingness to say all the things that I only *wish* someone would have the guts to say out loud and proud... truly awesome.

Scott Hardie | August 6, 2008
I just enjoyed this clip of him calling bullshit on the McCain campaign:

Amy Austin | August 6, 2008
Yes! Well, this is another moment I thoroughly enjoyed -- and the best (triple!) F-bomb to date:

Jackie Mason | August 10, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | August 10, 2008
Given my mental/emotional state of late, it says a *lot* that anything can made me laugh out loud by myself... thank you, Jon -- I love you.

Scott Hardie | September 27, 2008
An appreciation from a British critic.

Amy Austin | September 28, 2008
How sad that the clips above are no longer available to watch (at least not in their previously posted incarnations, God love the legions of DS/YouTube fandom)... but the wonderful impressions left behind by Mr. Stewart will be far, far harder to delete -- ROCK ON, JON STEWART!!!

Amy Austin | October 1, 2008
Yes, how sad... but fear not -- clips from tonight's rant (Congress taking off for Rosh Hashanah) and featured guest Bill Maher will soon replace them, possibly in a matter of minutes. Man, I wish TDS was a full hour long...

Jackie Mason | October 2, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | October 2, 2008
Oh, yes... are you watching right now, Jackie??? If ever Sarah Palin entertained a thought about appearing on the show (and I don't think so, since she already admitted to having watched Tina Fey's impression of her "with the sound turned all the way down" -- and deemed it "hilarious" (no, Sarah, "hilarious" is actually what Jon did with the clip of you saying that, hon) -- which JS promptly mocked, as noted), she couldn't possibly have any mistaken notions about her image there now. Wow. Jon, Samantha & Kristin Schall went way out on the illustrative limb tonight... Priceless.

Mike Eberhart | October 2, 2008
Vote Republican. That is all.

Erik Bates | October 2, 2008
I'm registered Republican (as registered as you can be in a state that doesn't require you to register with a party).

But I'll do anything to keep Sarah Palin away from the White House. I am honestly scared of the possibility of her becoming VP, not to mention the idea that she could potentially become President.

Amy Austin | October 2, 2008
I used to be a registered Republican as well... even as I voted Libertarian in two elections. And, without knowing what I currently know about the Bush administration... that is, if we could rewind eight years and be forced to choose between Bush in *any* public office or Palin... well, I would probably not vote again, as I did before when Bush was a choice... but if I were *forced* to choose (again, knowing only what we knew of Bush *before* the Wonder Years), there is no way that I would choose Palin. And there is No Way that I will vote for a ticket that includes her now.

I'm sorry, Mike, but "Vote Republican" is an entirely insufficient endorsement for this ticket -- if someone can give me some solid, believable reasons (and I don't think they can, or my vote wouldn't have already been decided pre-Palin and cemented after her debut!), then I am willing to at least listen to it, but... so far, I don't see anything remotely "Republican" to vote for. I see a lot of ultra-conservative, right-wing talk that's being passed off as Republican, but as far as the Party that I learned about in high-school civics and government classes and chose to register with when I became of voting age... I see none of it.

In fact, I am so completely disappointed by the behavior -- of everyone -- in this "bailout" fiasco... but especially the Republicans. I would love nothing more than to hear some good purist Republican rationale for voting against a plan -- some Congressmen/women with the sand to say, "hell yeah, I voted against it -- it violates everything the GOP stands for!" I could at least have some respect for that, regardless of what the plan proposed. But no... what we now get instead is a whole bunch of whiny, crybaby finger-pointing and name-calling from *both* parties about how the plan didn't pass because of "partisanship" (i.e., "it's the Democrats' fault", "it's Nancy Pelosi's fault!") -- as if there was no free will involved, and as if she single-handedly *forced* a majority "nay" vote! The truth of it is that nobody wants to be politically associated with backing a plan that has no guarantee... or even reliable odds!... of success. Pathetic. But even more pathetic still is the fact that there are actually some staunch hold-outs who simply don't believe that it's the Republican thing to do... and they are doing their best to keep a low profile and their mouths shut to avoid looking like the heartless fiscal conservatives who are willing to let the economy fold and the average American to lose their house... on sheer political principle. Yeah, it's unpopular these days to take a stand... at least not in any fashion that even remotely indicates a willingness to stand firm and accountable for the consequences of taking that stand... i.e., being voted out of office in the best case... or... criminally charged in the worst -- even though this entire administration has done nothing but proven that you can get away with anything up to and including murder without so much as a subpoena to answer to for it. However, those that inherit the executive and legislative branches will be paying the price with their precious popularity... and living with the fear of possibly paying even more dearly for letting everyone else get away with all their bullshit. To sum it up, Bush has turned the Republicans into the worst possible version of the Democrats -- a party without the balls to say that the best course of action may, in fact, be the least popular. And that includes sucking it up and paying full taxes for all the *Republican* expenditures, without all the bitching & moaning and holding both hands out for tax cuts -- the pithy Republican version of welfare!

Lori Lancaster | October 3, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | October 3, 2008
Well said Amy...I was impressed with Sarah last night mostly because she didn't end up looking like a complete fool

Amy Austin | October 3, 2008
Well, that's what "debate camp" will do for you!

And yeah, Lori, I've been thinking a lot lately that I'll never be able to see Top Gun the same way again after this stupid election.

Jackie Mason | October 3, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | October 3, 2008
yeah my cynical side says that the dumb sarah was all part of the republican plot to make he look good when she stood next to Joe but I just can't see anyone intentionally looking that dumb...
Not to mention that Palin play'd that same cutesy thing when she debated in Alaska, only more joke insults...honestly if it wasn't for her religious background I might not have a problem with her

Tony Peters | October 5, 2008
Tina Fey does it again
I was impressed with the equal opportunity mocking

Jackie Mason | October 5, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Mike Eberhart | October 6, 2008
How anyone can possibly want a man as President of the United States with the name Barack HUSSEIN Obama is beyond me. If anyone could possibly be more against our troops, I don't know who it is. Pretty much say good-bye to our military if/when he wins. He'll create larger drawbacks than Bill Clinton did. The reason I'm not in the USAF anymore is because of that first round of drawbacks. The military was having to make cuts and since I was the new kid on the block at the time, I got released. Plus, do you really want his freaking administration running everything in your lives. I don't want government sponsored health care. The damn government can't run anything as it is. I really don't want them in charge of that for me. The only solution to our problem is to vote everyone out of office and get some new people in there.

I did hear an interesting bit of information on both candidates. Barack has been in office about 900+ working days and has created close to 900 earmarks for bills. McCain has been in office for about 7200 working days and has created 0 earmarks for bills. Barack's 900 earmarks equaled about $900 million dollars. So where's the CHANGE he keeps boasting about. Looks pretty much the same to me.

Mike Eberhart | October 6, 2008
How anyone can possibly want a man as President of the United States with the name Barack HUSSEIN Obama is beyond me. If anyone could possibly be more against our troops, I don't know who it is. Pretty much say good-bye to our military if/when he wins. He'll create larger drawbacks than Bill Clinton did. The reason I'm not in the USAF anymore is because of that first round of drawbacks. The military was having to make cuts and since I was the new kid on the block at the time, I got released. Plus, do you really want his freaking administration running everything in your lives. I don't want government sponsored health care. The damn government can't run anything as it is. I really don't want them in charge of that for me. The only solution to our problem is to vote everyone out of office and get some new people in there.

I did hear an interesting bit of information on both candidates. Barack has been in office about 900+ working days and has created close to 900 earmarks for bills. McCain has been in office for about 7200 working days and has created 0 earmarks for bills. Barack's 900 earmarks equaled about $900 million dollars. So where's the CHANGE he keeps boasting about. Looks pretty much the same to me.

Lori Lancaster | October 6, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | October 6, 2008
Mike, Mike, Mike...

1) The middle name thing? Seriously???

2) I don't think that being against the war in Iraq and wanting to withdraw/bring troops home is "against the troops". I do think that denying funding with results like MAKING SOLDIERS BUY THEIR OWN BODY ARMOR -- an issue that falls squarely in the middle of the Bush administration timeline AND was an issue well before Obama even hit the political scene, as he was still teaching law at University of Chicago -- is pretty specifically against the troops.

3) If you think that the last eight years hasn't seen drawbacks in the military, then you've been out too long and/or just haven't been paying attention. I was in 1999-2004 -- can't get much Bushier than that -- and I have seen entire rates disappear to the private sector, where they will be outsourced to the lowest bidder who performs the job in a manner most befitting the best interests of their leeching contractor company. This hasn't done anything to help anybody -- least of all, the military/troops or the taxpayer. Blackwater was just the most notorious example of this concept, but it's been going on at a far more insidious level for much longer than that.

4) I don't understand this beef with government sponsored health care. It works pretty well within the military... did you not use the military medical providers while you were in? What was so wrong with that??? The way I see it, nationalized health care could work much the same way... where is the problem with this? And don't tell me that it will water down the level of skills being brought into the medical field, because the (once)"almighty" dollar won't be driving the competition. Yes, there is ineptitude within the military's medical field... but there is ineptitude everywhere. And there are also plenty of talented doctors who serve in the military as a matter of pride and duty -- and believe me, they aren't hurting for money, either. In fact... they are probably more secure than their civilian counterparts, because they don't pay the enormous costs of overhead and malpractice insurance... costs that are passed on to us as insured patients AND as taxpayers (know that little rule in the ER about not being turned away for emergency care? who do you think is paying for that now?) -- might as well do it right and stop letting the insurance companies rape all of us, I say. And that's just the health insurance companies... there are still plenty of other insurance companies having their way with us at a ridiculous expense -- but I'll try not to get off on that angry tangent.

However, I don't think anyone needs to worry about "socialized health care" for a long time to come now... since we're too busy and in WAY too deep with socialized *bank* care at the moment. Please tell me that you think that that $840 BILLION was the worst thing to pass through Congress in your life. Please tell me that it bothers you WAY MORE than the fact that Obama's middle name is HUSSEIN...

The only solution to our problem is to vote everyone out of office and get some new people in there.
That's about the only part of your statement that I couldn't agree with more. And I'd start with every single Congressman who voted "yes" on this bullshit bailout. Unfortunately, I don't think most voters know a whit or give a damn about anyone they put into those jobs -- it's damn near impossible to do so without making an actual job of it for yourself -- and the hiring is done almost completely on party lines alone.

Also, that statistic you mention sounds completely made up by some crazed McCain supporter. About 900+, 900, and $900 million? Really??? Compared to "0"? How convenient. I don't trust any statistic that makes one politician look 100% clean and innocent, while making another look like the Devil. "Earmarks", "pork", "funding"... spending is spending, and if you think that McCain isn't going to spend your money, you're nuts. He HAS to, with all the bullshit just promised lately!!! He HAS TO if he wants to keep this war in Iraq going for "as long as it takes" (believe me, that war is a bigger drain on the taxpayers than health care would be) -- how can anyone not see that a war isn't free (done poorly OR done right) and that we are losing much more than we are gaining from that anymore??? "The terrorists" are winning with every day that they see us dig ourselves another day and another dollar deeper in debt.

Mike Eberhart | October 6, 2008
Trust me, I didn't want that bill to pass. It was completely full of crap. Plus, look at the stock market today. It's below 10,000 for the first time in 5 years. Yeah, that bill will fix everything. As for that statistic I threw out there, I didn't say it was true, I just said I had heard it and found it interesting. I don't have any way of looking that information up and proving that. However, if it's anywhere close to being true, then there is no difference.

I have been to the military doctor's before, and the one's that I went to weren't that great. Most of the time, their solution for me was, take two of these 800mg ibuprofen and rest. You'll be good in a few days. It wasn't until I was out and went to another doctor that I discovered that I had two bulging disks in my back and required surgery to fix it. I'll stick with my private insurance thanks, and tri-care can just go away.

As for voting everyone out, people in this country are too stupid to do that anyway. They will continue to vote the old timer's back into office instead of putting someone new in there. Even Biden screwed up in the debate when he said he has 35 years in public office. Well, that isn't change in my book, I think it's time for him to go. Bring in someone new and fresh.

Lori: What???

Amy Austin | October 6, 2008
Bring in someone new and fresh.

You mean like McCain?

Mike Eberhart | October 6, 2008
No, he's not new. Honestly, I'd rather have Palin as the President. I don't know what everyone has against her. If you want new and fresh, she would be it. She hasn't been exposed nearly as much to the Washington DC politics, until now, of course. I like her because she isn't politically correct, which drives me up a wall. I can't stand the PC crowd. Being PC is another reason we are in the mess we are in.

Tony Peters | October 6, 2008
well do to Military Medicine being outsourced I had Ortho surgery funded by tricare in a local hospital...which included a night in the hospital, all the morphine I could take (well until I hit the limit and then Tramadol then more morphine thank you) a plate in my ankle with 5 or 6 screws lots of good meds for recovery. I'm happy with my coverage between the ambulance, ER visit surgery and aftercare I would have been screwed (pun intended) if I hadn't had TriCare. I see no reason the rest of the nation should have the same privledge

Amy Austin | October 6, 2008
That isn't the "outsourcing" I'm talking about -- the local hospital didn't bid on you. And you see no reason why the rest of the nation "should" or "shouldn't" have the same privilege?

Tony Peters | October 6, 2008
mixxed actually the local Ortho surgeon did bid on the Navy's business when the Navy reassigned all their bone docs to Iraq and Bethesda/Balboa, and yes the local hospitals bid on the Navy service contract here when the hospital closed on base, unlike Newport where there wasn't any competition. However Navy (from Subschool and active units) and Coast Guard (from the academy) business have made my Doc both the busiest and most experienced orthopedic surgeon which sorta proves your point. I see no reason why people shouldn't have affordable healthcare...

Aaron Shurtleff | October 6, 2008
I see no reason why I pay to have full medical benefits, and then I should also pay to make sure someone else does, too. But that's probably just me...I'm kind of a dick that way.

And, yeah, I will end up paying more, I believe. Either directly through taxes, or indirectly through companies raising prices to offset the costs of paying for health care for everyone, it's going to cost money. Now, if doctors were willing to lower their prices to make things more cost effective for everyone, that would work for me. :)

And that lovely bailout is forecast to slash spending in the sciences (from what I've read and heard), so I wasn't for that either, thank you very much.

And, lastly, as I have said from the beginning, Obama's middle name should not be an issue. My biggest problem lies in how fast the Dems react when someone brings it up (and I don't mean here, but on a more national scale). Either:

a) It's not an issue, and we should ignore it.
b) It's not an issue, but you think everyone is too god damned stupid to realize it's not an issue, so you bring it up. (and seriously, if you think I'm that much of an idiot, you're not going to sway me to vote your way)
c) It is an issue, and you're hoping it will go away.

I'm at A, but I fear that Republicans who bring it up (and Democrats who so quickly react to it) are thinking B, and I'm starting to fear the answer might be C. If I could advise the Democrats, I would tell them to just calmly state, "And what does Hussein being his middle name have to do with anything?" I've yet to hear a good reason why it matters what his middle name is. If McCain's middle name was Adolph, would we be fearing he would be like Hitler, or would side with Nazis??

Mike Eberhart | October 6, 2008
I picked McCain on that test. Got his answers 10 - 3.

Lori Lancaster | October 6, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Jackie Mason | October 7, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Samir Mehta | October 7, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | October 10, 2008
I've been getting anti Obama spam from Newsmax no idea how I got on their spam list but the site itself is has a decidedly right lean to it. Some of the stories make me wonder about common sense of the people it's targeting...

Not national but funny Vote no on Prop 8

Jackie Mason | October 11, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | October 14, 2008
Christopher Buckley part owner of the National Review resigns from the magazine because the republican party has (d)evolved...or in the words of Regan I haven't left the party it left me

Samir Mehta | October 14, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | October 14, 2008
LOL... now I know what position to aspire to in my own ill-timed period of unemployment -- Secretary of Wellness!

Tony Peters | October 14, 2008
I've been reading Christopher Buckley for years and his blog on Daily Beast for a few months...I respect his views which is more than I can say for majority of the leadership these days. Someone recently said the republican party has become the party of anti intelligence and curiosity about anything new or different because that is evil. I have spent the last month on my ass watching TV and for the most part being disgusted by the level John McCain has sunk to...the man from whose actions sprung the words Honor, Courage, Commitment the cornerstone of proper behavior for Naval Personnel has condoned the most vile political tactics I have ever seen in an election. Stanley crouch has an interesting outlook if/when McCain looses...I hope he's right. I wrote a long (2 page) letter to Senator McCain telling him how disappointed I was in both him and his Campaign and that I will not be voting for him (which considering I'm still registered in Florida actually hurts him) I doubt I will receive any reply but the level of nastiness just exceeded my ability to accept. With luck there are more letters like mine

Jackie Mason | October 17, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | October 17, 2008
Hopefully, on both sides, 2008 will be the start of something better.


Steve West | October 17, 2008
I'm afraid partisan politics is still alive and prospering. This will continue until the sides settle it all Beirut-style.

Amy Austin | October 17, 2008
Yeah... at the End of Days party -- and we're *all* invited, yay! ;-D

Jackie Mason | October 17, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Aaron Shurtleff | October 17, 2008
Beirut-style? You mean they'll settle it through beer pong?!? I'd pay to see that!!!!!!

Tony Peters | October 18, 2008
Another betrayed conservative??? Yeah I know nothing new but it's interesting to see people saying what we all think

Tony Peters | October 19, 2008
OK so I spend way too much time watching the news channels and reading stuff on the web Powell endorsing Obama comes as no surprise to me given how badly W betrayed him I can't see him trusting any republicans for a decade or two

Jackie Mason | October 26, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | October 27, 2008
I loved his jokes about the wardrobe budget, and I've been looking for the video clip ever since. Is it just me, or are those becoming harder and harder to come by? Is the Viacom Mafia out in force for the election, or what???

Samir Mehta | October 27, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Lori Lancaster | October 27, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | October 27, 2008
Palin's war on science goes along Rush's delusion that he is the heir apparent to WFB, What happened to intellectual curiosity?

Amy Austin | October 28, 2008
Omg... I cannot *wait* for the online video clip of Stephen Colbert's Alpha Dog of the Week from tonight to start making the rounds!!!

Spoiler alert!

(Only way the clip of this bit of "news" could possibly be more ludicrously entertaining: first name of "Joe", paired with a perfectly timed stumble on the last name...)

A more in-depth article, followed by some very scary public commentary that illustrates the type and degree of polarity/religious zealotry that exists anymore -- incited by something as ridiculous as naming babies after political *candidates*, for crying out loud! In particular, one Ms. Doris "God's gift" (no lie or exaggeration here -- she said it herself!) Early is just the epitome of fire & brimstone "Christianity" as most who shun it have come to know it. Early dementia and/or senility, in my opinion.

Steve Dunn | October 28, 2008
What is driving me crazy is this bunk about "wealth redistribution". It defies all knowledge of government and our history to claim that this is undesirable. As George Will said, practically 95% of what the government does is redistribute wealth. If you want to pull the plug on that, fine. And I'll take your war away, the farm subsidies, the bailout, Social Security, unemployment, and everything else.

Exactly. The difference is who benefits from the redistribution.

Amy Austin | October 28, 2008
But everyone knows that Obama is the real Socialist here... not the Mistress of the Write-off.

Lori Lancaster | October 28, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | October 28, 2008
Pathetic. Well, at least the profits are for charity. And wtf... what about Biden's junk???

Lori Lancaster | October 29, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | October 29, 2008
*ahem* I was referring to the "Foxnews exclusive reveal" regarding "appropriately" *covering* the male candidates' stuff.

So let me rephrase then... what about Biden and Palin's junk???

Jackie Mason | October 30, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | October 30, 2008
Cheer up, Jackie... I'm betting that at least your relative is in the expected age bracket for that. I just found out tonight that my *sister* -- who I also just learned has never voted before (she's about to turn 32) -- is voting Rep... strictly as a vote *against* Obama. Sigh.

Tony Peters | October 30, 2008
sheeple can't think things through they vote how they are told....sigh sheeple

Jackie Mason | November 4, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | November 4, 2008
Thank God it's almost here & over. I cannot wait for Wednesday morning.

Sarah Kyle | November 4, 2008
I can't wait until election is over. I am tired of hearing each political party.. I am half tempted not to even vote this year.

Scott Hardie | November 4, 2008
I've got my standing-in-line-for-six-goddamn-hours shoes all laced up and ready.

Steve West | November 4, 2008
I vote in a historic, heavily leaning democratic voting state (MD). The electoral outcome is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Yet I'll still vote. Popular vote means something to me and every vote counts, cliche or not.

Lori Lancaster | November 4, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Samir Mehta | November 4, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | November 4, 2008
Every vote does count but RI where I live is devout democrate country so they are only expecting a 70% (max) turn out Conn. where I work is a toss up depending on which section of the state comes out the heaviest SW is an extension of NYC Hartford is pretty conservative same with the SE area. I expect it will for Dem but who knows. I just want it over I'm tired of the Robo calls...the Governor's wife has called me every day for the last 2 weeks telling me to Vote for Jack Reed and I'm registered to Vote in Florida (yes I voted last month)

Scott Hardie | November 5, 2008
It's looking pretty well over at this point, but just in case McCain still pulls off an upset (thanks Sara):

Scott Hardie | November 5, 2008
I neglected to add to everyone's tales of voting woe. The county's board of elections website sent me to the wrong district, where I waited over half an hour before being told to go closer to home, which took me another half an hour to find. After twenty minutes at the new place, I was done. I think they should give out this sticker instead:

Lori Lancaster | November 5, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Lori Lancaster | November 5, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | November 7, 2008
Just sent a pair of e-mails to my friend:

1st one -- OMFG...

Now... I just can't imagine that The Daily Show has any good reason to be reporting falsehoods about Sarah Palin at this point in the game (unless they just really want to make sure that they're getting a *really* good head start on derailing any efforts to per her back in some big office in 2012!), but... if the following things they just said are true? Then I'd say we just narrowly averted some huge disaster (especially if McCain winds up kicking the bucket in the next four years!!!). Among the "tidbits" supposedly concealed by campaign insiders until now:

"Lack of a basic understanding of civics -- government structures, municipals, state & federal government responsibilities" (okay... just the *teensiest* bit forgiveable for someone running for the 2nd most important office in the land... and possibly the world -- nothing to be crucified over!)

"Didn't understand that Africa was a continent and not a country" (!!!???!!! WHAT?????? For real???!!!??? I'm sorry, but you're out -- and you don't need *any* strikes to be out on that one!)

"Not able to name all the countries in North America??????" (Please tell me these people are making shit up now...)

"Would read her morning press clippings and throw tantrums" (Well, like that's a big surprise? After all, this is the woman running alongside one of the biggest hotheads in Congress... and she had to watch Tina Fey impersonate her... with the sound turned down. I'm not shocked, but if it's true, then she should be well commended for her ability to keep her shit relatively together in public. But clearly... I don't think she belongs in the White House -- unless she goes back for her GED at least.)

Geesh. I really don't know whether to hope that they're lying or not -- that's some mean-ass shit to say/lie about *POST*-election if it's not the truth (and, in that case/imo, really makes Jon Stewart & The Daily Show look like complete assholes)... damn. I mean, dammmn.

2nd one -- HAD to Google it...

And remember now -- this dirt supposedly comes from Republican campaign insiders!!!

Insiders spill the beans

(In pithy defense of her... TDS reported not being able to name the countries in North America -- whereas the article states that it was actually the members of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that she was unable to name. Like I said... pithy defense -- this is some really basic shit here.)

Now... if this is all true (and I already said that I have a *really* hard time believing that it is), does anyone who didn't see any problem with her as VP -- let alone PRESIDENT -- feel anything akin to a big sigh of relief right now??? Imo, this is as close to a literal figurehead as this country has ever seen.

Amy Austin | November 7, 2008
Oh yeah, and I thought the Sarkozy prank was bullshit, too (when I heard about it last night)... apparently not.

ohhh, how embarrassing... -- I actually feel sorry for her, listening to it

Amy Austin | November 7, 2008
I'm sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle: more in her defense from one of her aides -- rather sad that the McCain camp (not necessarily McCain himself, mind you) can't even keep a united front for the sake of a graceful defeat... these modern-day "Republicans" are treacherous even when the chips are down.

Tony Peters | November 7, 2008
MY RANT....the problem with Sarah is that while she represents the "BASE" the base is only 20% of the party and their views aren't shared by the MAJORITY of the party. I'm a raised republican, my grandfather was a member of the John Birch society, 4th generation military (which doesn't mean as much now)...I've said before that I consider myself right of center but more than anything I embrace learning. Whether she is or not Palin represents ignorance and the embrace of it as a good thing, she also represents a religious extremist that while different in historical grounding is just as out of touch in it's views as Islamic extremists

Jackie Mason | November 8, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | November 13, 2008
Is the blue line starting to bother anybody else besides me?

Tony Peters | November 13, 2008
sort scare is that to the GOP she is a viable candidate in 2112...

Jackie Mason | November 13, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | November 13, 2008
Well, maybe she would be a viable candidate in 2112 -- it would take at least that long for *me* to vote for her, anyway...

Tony Peters | November 13, 2008
Jackie to me a balding middle aged male is more attractive

Jackie Mason | November 21, 2008
[hidden by author request]

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