Chris Lemler | January 29, 2010
We have 2 good teams playing in the Super Bowl this year. I am picking the Saints over the Colts 38 - 35. I have no doubt in my mind the Saints will be this year Super Bowl Champions. Go Saints

Steve Dunn | January 29, 2010
I'm rooting for the Saints. I find it interesting how the conventional wisdom (sports commentators) don't want to give the Saints a chance. I guess because they hit a little skid near the end of the season? Seems to me they were clearly one of the best teams in the league all season, and they can beat you a lot of different ways. I guess I'm surprised more folks aren't picking the Saints or at least thinking it will be a close game.

At least Chris Lemler and Steve Dunn are on the same page! Geez, I mean, if the Giants can beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, surely the Saints can beat the Colts.

Amy Austin | January 29, 2010
I'm with you... if for no other reason than Danny Wuerffel's team over Peyton Manning's.

Samir Mehta | January 29, 2010
[hidden by request]

Steve West | January 29, 2010
I'm rooting for Peyton because he appears so self-deprecating and stars in one of the most hilarious Saturday Night Live sketches ever - The United Way parody, of course.

Amy Austin | January 29, 2010
LOL... do you have your own Port-O-Let for more effective timeouts, Steve? Or do you just have Peyton come and take care of business? ;-D

Jackie Mason | January 29, 2010
[hidden by request]

Steve West | January 29, 2010
I said self-deprecating not self-defe... oh, never mind.

Samir Mehta | January 30, 2010
[hidden by request]

Tony Peters | January 30, 2010
honestly I only saw one game all year I have no emotional investment in NFL this year. I'll probably be spending superbowl sunday writing or drawing or maybe both

Scott Hardie | January 30, 2010
Glancing at the live game blog on every few minutes while working on something else is how a new generation listens to the play-by-play on the radio. The Vikings-Saints matchup read like one incredible game!

Matthew Preston | January 30, 2010
Samir, I'm with you - Last year's super bowl was boring? Jackie, can you clarify your position? I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The longest interception return in super bowl history (longest play period in super bowl history), the amazing catch and run by Larry Fitzgerald with only 2:37 left in the game; only to be beaten by the unbelievable comeback by the Steelers by a Santonio Holmes touchdown with only 0:35 seconds left.

Of course all of that might seem lackluster if you don't care about the teams playing, or you compare it to the unbelievable finish to the Giants/New England game two years ago... But dang, I thought it was a barn-burner till the end. And please don't get me wrong, I'm not upset or attacking you in any way Jackie, just confused. :-)

I'm on board with the Saints this year, it would be great to see New Orleans win their first championship, but Peyton is going to be tough to beat. The Saints were able to force Favre to make mistakes by bringing pressure and they also gave Drew Brees plenty of time to make big plays - (Jared "Mullet" Allen) got nothing on dem Saints front line! And Scott you were right about an incredible game. It was the type of game that NFL fans dream about seeing.

Erik Bates | January 30, 2010
[hidden by request]

Samir Mehta | January 30, 2010
[hidden by request]

Jackie Mason | January 31, 2010
[hidden by request]

Aaron Shurtleff | January 31, 2010
I think the Saints can beat the Colts..but I don't think it will happen. Close game, but Colts pull it out. :)

Steve West | January 31, 2010
The Saints have been feasting on turnovers and opponent mistakes. Peyton Manning generally doesn't make those mistakes. He usually just inexorably drives his team down the field. I see the Colts winning this in a very workman-like fashion. I wouldn't be upset with a Saints victory and I'll probably be rooting for them but I just don't see it happening. Frankly, I wouldn't be shocked by a Colts blowout, like a 20 point margin of victory.

Amy Austin | February 8, 2010
What... it's kinda' quiet in here...

Steve West | February 8, 2010
What a great game! I was completely happy with the play and the result. And I won the bet between Brenda and I. I had the Saints and 7. Sweet!

Aaron Shurtleff | February 8, 2010
It went very well for the Saints, obviously. :) I did not expect Manning to make the game fatal error, and he really did. That pick 6 lost the game. My hat is off to the Saints. They won that game the way they won every other game, and that is awesome.

I think I am tired of hearing how great this is for New Orleans, though... I understand the hurricane was devastating to the area and all, but having their team win the Super Bowl is going to bring new attention the area that wasn't there before, and any attention they do gain will have nil to with recovery, I think. It's a media-friendly storyline, but I hope to not have to hear it again.

Even when conceding I was wrong, I am a complainer! :P

Samir Mehta | February 8, 2010
[hidden by request]

Jackie Mason | February 10, 2010
[hidden by request]

Aaron Shurtleff | February 10, 2010
I would argue that the Colts running game has been sporadic all year, but ok. I would also guess that Dwight Freeney's ankle had had about enough in the first half, because he was less of a factor in the second half, which led to New Orleans looking better in the second half. I can make no excuses for Reggie Wayne. Of course, armchair coaches like me can make anything sound half plausible... And I do not mean to take anything away from New Orleans. They played well and won that game period.

All in all, it was a great game to watch, true enough, and I was well satisfied. Next year, Browns all the way. ;)

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