Mike Eberhart | February 10, 2005
Ok, I have finally found something that I disagree with in regards to George Bush. I do not agree with him asking for an additional $600 million for the tsunami aid that the US is currently giving. There is many other things in the US that this money could be used for. A majority of the people & their governments don't want our help with this disaster as it is. So why, then, should we give them money too. There are reports that when our service members arrived to help, the governments of those countries asked for us to just leave the supplies and leave. I, for one, think that if you don't want our help, then you don't need our money. Let Europe help them out. If congress passes this aid request, I will have serious issues with it.

Anna Gregoline | February 10, 2005
It's grandstanding, I have no idea why they are doing this. We've given money - that's enough. We are already in tons of debt through our own initiatives, we don't need to keep piling it on.

Jackie Mason | February 10, 2005
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | February 10, 2005
Why is it our duty to ask other countries to help? Shouldn't the countries affected be asking for help if they need it? I don't get it.

Mike Eberhart | February 10, 2005
I thought Clinton & Bush Sr. were supposed be going around the US and asking the civilian population to donate money for the cause. Which, of course, I'm not donating 1 penny to. The US has already given enough money & resources for this disaster. This needs to stop.

Amy Austin | February 10, 2005
Yeah, but it won't until someone verifies "overkill" -- just like the 9/11 money-giving... which is probably *still* ongoing somewhere.

This is like someone getting the members of their household to empty pockets in order to get the storm-uprooted tree in the neighbor *down the street!*'s yard removed, while the tree guy and the whole neighborhood is already there and their own yard is in sore need of some sod or mowing or replanting...

Jackie Mason | February 11, 2005
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | February 11, 2005
Jackie, I could see your new picture at work, but now your old pic is up - weirdness.

Scott Horowitz | February 11, 2005
Just clear your cache or hold shift and refresh...

Jackie Mason | February 12, 2005
[hidden by request]

Mike Eberhart | November 27, 2006
I know this happend last week or so, but look what the aid to Indonesia did for us. We gave them $600 million dollars for their Tsunami aid, and when the President decides to stop there and visit with their leadership, they come out by the thousands upon thousands and protest in the streets. HELLO!!!!, did you all fucking forget who just forked over a ton of money to your worhless country???? I for one am sick of these people. The US should not supply aid to these countries any longer if this is the response we get when we do. Sorry, just felt like venting.

Tony Peters | November 27, 2006
something to remember...the people you saw protesting aren't even close to the location of the tsunami...the part of the country wrecked by it is soooo far removed from the capital city that it's pracitcally a different country...not that I am defending those folks just that the people protesting didn't see any of that $600 million. Personally I think that they are too wrapped up in religion and not thinking for themselves but that's just my opinion

Jackie Mason | November 30, 2006
[hidden by request]

Mike Eberhart | November 30, 2006
So what, they already hate us. So nothing will change if we give them aid or not. So I say screw them. Stop shipping our money out of the country and use it here for Americans. Put the money to use shutting down the borders and adding more security to the country. I'm so done with world events that I can't even explain it.

Scott Hardie | December 3, 2006
The anti-Westernism will blow over in a generation when they realize that doing things their way sucks even worse and they want to be like us again. In the meantime, there's plenty of money and people in dire need, and generosity is the cornerstone of successful foreign policy.

But yeah, the protests prick my pride too.

Jackie Mason | December 7, 2006
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | December 7, 2006
Ah, that "magic bullet" -- why, oh why, can't they find it?!?! Thank goodness they keep reminding us that it doesn't exist, because I, for one, am so prone to believing in bullets that magically instigate world peace. I'm starting to think that either they just aren't trying hard enough, or they're hiding/hoarding this magic bullet technology from us!

Aaron Shurtleff | December 8, 2006
Is the magic bullet technology hidden in the same place that the oil companies keep the plans to build cars which are entirely non-dependant on petroleum? :P

Tony Peters | December 8, 2006
please don't get me started on Biodiesel and the oil companies' push to marginalize what is essentially a cheaper, better working product

Amy Austin | December 9, 2006
Is the magic bullet technology hidden in the same place that the oil companies keep the plans to build cars which are entirely non-dependant on petroleum? :P

Hmmm... could be, Aaron! Which explains very well why they'll never find it... (ensuing wicked laughter of oil magnates)

Aaron Shurtleff | December 9, 2006
Well, actually, I'd personally love to hear a good discussion of cost-effective alternatives to Big Oil, but I won't get you started.

Amy Austin | December 10, 2006
Me, too, Aaron... me, too.

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