I'm at work. I took my pill this morning, because I think I forgot to take it last night. From the way I'm feeling now, I think I double-medicated myself. Oops.

I have stuff to say, but no time now. Here's one of my favorite Beavis and Butthead quotes, from an episode where they're watching Jeopardy... My memory might not be 100%, so if this is not exactly right, I apologize. The set-up is the contestant has answered a question, which Butthead thinks is wrong.

Butthead: Dumbass!
(On TV) Alex Trebek: I'm sorry, you didn't phrase that in the form of a question.
Butthead: What are you, a dumbass?

:) That still cracks me up!

Song of the day is "Just Like You" by Ministry. Ministry is on their farewell tour (Called the C U LaTour), and I have a ticket to see them at Jannus Landing here in Saint Petersburg!!! WOO HOO!


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16-VII-2007 or Here I Go Again

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22-II-2007 or Speaking of crap...

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22-VIII-2006 or PC Load Letter?! What the #@$% does that mean?!

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5-XI-2008 or Mentiroso!

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1-IX-2006 or TT4N!

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19/20-II-2009 or Guilty Pleasures

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Happy birthday!

Steve West turns 59 today.