Nope, not a Game of Throne reference. I heard the song by Stabbing Westward today, so it will be the song of the day.

Shows what you know.

So, my two favorite employees left my employ to head on back to school. It was a very sad day for me, because they were the best and they did great work. Also, in their absence, I've had to back to doing the work they were doing. It's a mixed bag, honestly. It's nice to get away from spotted lanternfly, but I still feel kind of guilty I'm not helping out the rest of the crew. I'm sure I'll get over it soon.

Scoop. Scoop loves you!

Otherwise, things have been mostly quiet. I haven't really been doing much outside of work, to be honest. Just floating about.

Have I ever talked about my vision problems? Just in case, a quick overview! Last June, I got sick with some kind of stomach bug (possibly unrelated). For whatever reason, the next morning, I had double vision when I woke up. Still do. It's a weird thing to have double vision for a year. Cannot recommend. I've seen a lot of doctors in the past year. Seeing even more in the next few months. I have seen everyone at my regular physicians office (plus another place, just in case), so now I'm going through the doctors at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Hopefully someone will figure it out. It's not really causing me to be unable to work exactly, but it does make things harder.

Staring at the computer doesn't help either.

One of the Youtubers I enjoy watching from time to time has been accused of unsavory things. I don't know why it weighs on me, but it kinda does. Don't get me wrong, I am not condoning bad behavior. At all. But it makes me realize that sometimes you get the idea that you know someone, but you really don't. Can you separate the persona from the person? It's probably similar to folks that can love an athlete, but hate their personal behavior. Possibly?

Of course, it's all accusations, as far as I am aware. Maybe true, maybe not. I'll never know, most likely.

Anyhow, good thoughts for you all. Peace and love. PEACE AND LOVE!

Leave 'em with a quote. Leave 'em with a quote. Ok, sure. Here is a quote from former Vice President Dan Quayle. No one's quoted him lately, and he always had some nuggets of wisdom. "I believe we are on an irreversible trend towards more freedom and democracy, but that could change."

One Reply to 26-VIII-2019 or Shame!

Scott Hardie | August 31, 2019
I'm sorry to hear about your vision. I've had lazy eye for as long as I can remember and the double vision can be annoying, especially when I'm trying to read something far away like a street sign. My brain mostly compensates for it and ignores the weaker eye's input, but it still comes up from time to time and I have to concentrate to focus on something, or just close one eye. I sympathize with what you're going through, although you likely have a much worse case than me if you've seen so many doctors.

As a longtime fan of Roman Polanski's movies, I learned to separate the artist and the art long ago. It's harder when new accusations come out about someone that I actually respect (not just like), such as Neil deGrasse Tyson in my case, but people are complicated creatures. We have all done bad things that would be fodder for shameful revelations if we became famous*. Just yesterday, I read about rape allegations against a game music composer whose work I've really enjoyed and listened to long after playing the games; I'm appalled by him personally, but it doesn't diminish the music for me. Does it help to separate the art like that? Or is it harder when the artist is a YouTuber, because they are so present in their work and you can't get away from their face and voice?

*Because the bad things that so many men have been accused of doing in the #MeToo era are some form of sexual assault or sexual misconduct, I worry that my statement sounds like I've done that, and that I think everyone has. No, of course not! I just mean that nobody's an angel; everyone's done something unkind or repugnant at some point in life.


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