Why is it that the sanest people I know (not saying much) always go batsh!t on Friday the 13th? It's a day! Get over it!

I wish I could be here more than once a week. I might have a plan in mind that will solve my lack of time problems! More to come later.

No, my plan does not involve losing my job. ;)

How come every time you come around, my london london bridge wanna fall down? A wiser question has never been asked...in my blog. :P

I'm still alive (much to some people's consternation!), but I'm really busy like a bee! Like a tireless worker ant pulling a giant fat caterpillar back to the mound, I slave away. Like a huge bumblebee...oh, you get the point!

I just got some fishing lures at work today, so if anyone wants to go fishin', give me a call! I just need...everything but the lures! They're freshwater lures, by the way. I would like to go fishin' some time. When things calm down.

Helpful advice of the day, if a cop stops you for going to fast, "Oops, I thought the speed limit was higher" will not get you out of the ticket. Although you will get complimented for your honesty! :)

Helpful advice part 2: Speeding tickets cost a lot. Don't get them.


Aaron Shurtleff uses this area as a dumping ground for his random thoughts... Read more »

4-XII-2006, or The One About Mythbusters

I know that I am so late to the party here, but has everyone seen this Mythbusters show? I just watched it again for the first time a few weeks ago, and that is some good stuff right there! Holy crap!! Go »

3-VIII-2006 or Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em!

First of all, sorry about the MC Hammer reference. I'll explain in a minute. ;) Well, last night I went to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball game, where the D-Rays lost in spectacular fashion late in the game. Go »

21-X-2008 or Hello, Facebook!

I got bored, so I now have a Facebook profile. It's pretty bleak, but I might work on it from time to time. Probably not, but you never know... Go »

Random Thought

I'm considering trading in a bunch of R3 cards in RB to get a card I really want (plus an Achievement), so anyone who reads this and is interested in one of my R3's let me know. I'm willing to consider a trade over 10 cards to get one I want. Although the Achievement intrigues me... Go »

14-VIII-2006 or "A bombardment?" "An OBSCENE one!!"

Random quote from a movie I watched a few years back called "Il Monstro", which is "The Monster" in Italian. It had that one Italian actor who has been doing most of the comedic roles lately (I think his name is Roberto Begnini, or something close to). It's pretty funny, I think. Go »

27-X-2006 or There's still a feeling of rejection...

...when someone says she prefers the company of others to your exclusive company. The song of the day is "Popular" by Nada Surf. Go »

Happy birthday!

Scott Hardie turns 42 today.