There's really no appropriate place to say, "Hey! I bought a wireless USB adapter, and I'm borrowing my neighbor's internet access!"

But, I am! I don't know how long this joyous thievery will last, but I'm milking it for all it's worth! :)

Ten Replies to 24-I-2006 or Holy crap! I'm stealing internet!

Amy Austin | January 26, 2007
Hmm... hope your neighbor doesn't know of your name or the goo game!

I'll add my own "thievery" confession, too: I don't pay for garbage pick-up. (Okay, that may not sound too heinous to those whose rent and/or taxes include such things... but here in Middletown, RI, they are not free, nor even cheap!) "On the cheap" would mean paying for an annual dump pass (I'm told it's about $40... a nominal fee, but a phenomenal hassle, in my opinion -- especially when temperatures are dipping negative, as they are right now with wind chill factor!) So... since I only generate one or two bags a month, tops, I figure the Navy can stand it if I use their on-base dumpsters provided for all the military students housed there. I just drop it off in the parking lot on my way to work -- even better than pick-up!

God, this is even worse than when I explained CAC cards! Shhh...

Matthew Preston | January 26, 2007
In my apartment complex, there are approximately 3 open wireless networks named "linksys". A very popular brand to purchase and setup without standard encryption apparently. ;)

I am tempted to cancel my cable modem and use those for free. I won't though... I've got 4 computers, and 3 game systems that use my connection. I'm too worried about losing a connection even temporarily. !!

Jackie Mason | January 30, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Aaron Shurtleff | January 30, 2007
Ha! I'm a ghost! Nobody knows my name! Well, nobody in my complex, at least! :)

But, yeah, I have had great big periods of time where I have completely lost the connection, which is a bummer. It is good to know that other people have at least considered or are doing similar acts of e-larceny.

Did I coin a new term with e-larceny? Can I make money off that?!?!?

Kris Weberg | January 31, 2007
I've been leeching off a neighbor's "linksys" for, gosh, nearly 3 years now.

Anna Gregoline | January 31, 2007
It's interesting how unconcerned people are with stealing non-concrete things, isn't it?

Amy Austin | February 1, 2007
And that's why *my* linksys is all secured. ;-)

Lori Lancaster | February 1, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Aaron Shurtleff | February 2, 2007
Anna, now that you say it, it is interesting! I was just thinking that if my neighbors cared about it, they would secure their network properly.

However, if my neighbors left their car or house unlocked, I'd never dream of opening the door and helping myself to whatever I wanted.

I guess I'm not as free of guilt as I originally thought. :(

...but, yeah, I'm probably not going to stop doing it. I'll feel less OK with it now.

I'm sure this will be what keeps me out of heaven, too! :( An eternity of pain for stealing internet, and being unconcerned. *sigh*

Jackie Mason | February 3, 2007
[hidden by author request]


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