So, the results are in, and I'm still walking the streets, so that's good...maybe. I really should have seen this coming, but I did exceptional on the test...sort of.

Dr. Coo-Coo tried not to state it this way, but he let enough slip that I figured out that I popped the scale in the liar-liar-pants-on-fire scale. What this means is that I answered the questions in such a way that either I am a) a singularly crazy person who should be taking this kind of test from inside a looney bin, or b) lying my ass off to make myself look more crazy than I am for some reason (which doesn't, itself, rule out looney, of course). There is also c) this test was not the best one for me, because I had some kind of problem answering the questions (I might have read more into the questions than should be there, I might have misunderstood the questions, I might have misinterpreted the questions, etc.) Dr. Coo-coo is going for c), while I am, of course, worried about a), and offended that he might think it's b).

Of course, we only discussed a few questions for which he thought my answers were odd (one of which, admittedly, I actually put the wrong answer down, once I thought about it...there was a double negative in the question...oh, you don't care!), and he never actually _said_ any of a) or b) (that's what I got out of the internet and what not). He did say that the computer indicated an unusual level of what could be considered exaggeration. It's tough to say, really. From my researches, I had to have answered some questions in such a way that a great majority of people (both sane and insane, to use two words which are probably meaningless in this context) would not have answered them. I would have had to have sounded crazier than most crazy people! What does that take? :)

And we never did get to the questions I was most concerned about. Maybe it's not such a big deal after all, since I would assume that if those sort of issues were a big deal, he would have brought those up immediately. Yay me probably not crazy!

The song of the day will be the one referred to in the title: "Liar" by Henry Rollins. :)


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