I understand that hearing about my stupid medical situations is probably annoying to everyone. Too bad. It's where I'm at, so I like to use my blog as a venting point, or at least to try to put down what I'm thinking/feeling. I need to get in better touch with my feelings..or so I hear from Dr. Coo-Coo!

I also understand I'm supposedly down a reader. I doubt that. I'm betting that all of my faithful readers will still check in, but now they will be secretive about it! I've spent all this time pumping up the ego, so I'm not going to let it deflate now! :P

Anyhow, I heard two different questions from Dr. Coo Coo that have led me to think about things (as well as wonder what the heck is wrong with the computer that does the analysis on these tests!) Yeah, we're still on the test. One day I'll get all the way through it. :)

So, here's the two questions you never want to hear from your therapist:

1) Were you abused as a child at all? Physically? Sexually?
And, no, I never was (as far as I know...I hear people can do wonders with repression...). Just a really odd thing to say, I thought. Unless I have the classic signs of an abuse victim. Yay, me!

2) Do you have any strange religious beliefs?
Aren't they all? If mine are strange (and I'm Catholic, so it's a pretty good bet), then I've lived under them all my life, and I don't know that they are particularly strange. Although, religious beliefs seem to be, to me, inherently strange. I think (I'm no religious scholar) that nearly every religion has some belief that goes against what could be considered rational thought (or even sanity). Miracles and the like, you know? If I say I believe that 2000 (or so) years ago, a man died after being crucified, came back to life three days later, and then ascended into heaven, does that sound even remotely rational to believe?


The song of the day will be "Now You're a Man" by DVDA. That song kills me! (Not literally, of course...that would be most inconvenient!) Orgasmo was a pretty funny movie, although the humor isn't exactly high-class. Neither am I, though!

Two Replies to 7-III-2007 or What You Don't Want to Hear

Scott Hardie | March 11, 2007
A question you'd want even less to hear from a therapist: "Were you abused as a child at all? Physically? Sexually? Mentally? Emotionally? Psychically? Are you sure? Need time to think about it? Maybe there was some cult activity? Raised by wolves? Abducted by the SLA? Forced to watch Nick Jr.? No? Well, maybe we need to talk about denial."

Good luck with the test results.

Jackie Mason | April 5, 2007
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