I done got my computer hacked this weekend, which makes me angry. I've been running around today (at work) changing up passwords...which means I'll probably forget most of them, and be using the change password button on most of the places I hang out at to change them AGAIN.

I know that the chances that some ass is using my Facebook account for nefarious purposes is pretty slim, but why take chances, right?

See you all around. Hopefully.

Oh, and if I totally start spewing crap and 1337-speak, it's not me. I am not a haxxor, or whatever they call themselves nowadays (obviously, or I would have gotten so pwned)!


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Tony Peters | January 12, 2009
man that sucks thankfully I had to start from scratch last summer when I switched to mac and I have nothing on my computer in the way of passwords of indentifying info

Lori Lancaster | January 12, 2009
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Steve West | January 12, 2009
Why target you? That's just so bizarre. I'm really sorry for all this. I'm so paranoid now. I got Norton and Macafee. I hate both for the system startup slowness but feel a little safer.

Aaron Shurtleff | January 12, 2009
I had a firewall active... Apparently the hacker guy took it down, and disconnected the MacAfee, and turned off the Windows Security Center, etc. Plus, it apparently takes them back down every time the computer reboots.

He also had something going on in the background, but I don't know what that was. Some kind of access or something. He was totally in my computer. It's actually a wonder he/she messed up enough that I found out about it.

Got to wipe and start over. That should do it, from what my IT guy says. He said it in the way that it's possible it won't do it, though... We will see.

Jackie Mason | January 15, 2009
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Jackie Mason | January 24, 2009
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