Dear Scott Hardie,

So. Reading the latest in geek news. Oh, what is this? There''s going to be a television adaptation of the New Warriors? Well, isn''t that interesting! Why, it seems not long ago (ok, it was probably pretty long ago), someone thought the idea of Marvel ever allowing such a thing to happen to be preposterous. Why, I seem to recall such hurtful phrasing as "Who would play Speedball, Andy Dick?" Well, guess what, pal! It''s gonna happen, and Andy Dick won''t play the best Marvel hero ever, so put that in your vape stick and blow massive vape clouds or whatever it is people do with vape sticks!! Are they even called vape sticks??


Just kidding, of course. Although I am a big Speedball fan, and you did suggest Andy Dick to represent him, which was not very nice. I am honestly shocked this is going to be a thing. And I''m also not sure how Squirrel Girl gets involved too, but I always welcome the opportunity to see more of the Lily the AT&T employee!! ;)

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Scott Hardie | July 16, 2017
Andy Dick was always more likely to take a speedball than to play Speedball. I don't know who his contemporary "type" equivalent is. Anthony Rapp? Andy Daly?

Speedball as a character within the canon is more or less fine, but on a more meta level he is one of the punching bags of comics, the kind of dorky loser that even comics fans feel safe in picking on. I have no interest in bullying even if the subject is fictional, but come on, the whole Penance thing? That's like when the bullied classmate that you kind of feel sorry for comes back to fall semester having gone way too Goth, and his defense mechanism is just earning him more ridicule, and eventually he gives it up and accepts being the class dork he always was.


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