Yeah, I decided to go with putting in the date. It makes me feel chronological and stuff.

Welcome to Day 2 of the blog! I assume I can use a new post for each day, as opposed to just commenting endlessly. Well, I'm gonna, so, until Scott tells me to cut the crap, that's what I'll do.

People tell me I write like I'm talking, but they usually say it in an amused way. Do I? I can't tell.

OK, just to get it over with, Tuesday nights is when I go to see my psychotherapist, so Wednesday mornings is still the tail end of my psychobabble hangover. I don't understand why my wife pressures me to see a therapist for my anger, and the therapist encourages me to release my anger more!! I think I'm more confused going to see him than I was when I was just trying to live life. Plus, he doesn't believe in using medication, so I don't even get the benefit of mind-altering drugs! :( But, this is more appropriate for the sessions, since I pay for those. Just letting people know that if I sound more angry on Wednesdays, it's because, well, I'm encouraged to let the inner angry young man come out and rage. Roar! ;)

Well, I'm out to paint plastic, measure tomatoes, and count insects. It doesn't get more exciting than this!!

I think I can reserve the right to edit in more comments if I need to. I'll find out soon, I guess. I need a home computer so that I don't have to squeeze all this in at work.

I hope that I'm not making my blog too personal. I have issues with talking too much about myself sometimes. Plus, I'm not really ashamed of who I am. OK, I am a bit, but who doesn't have a part of themselves that they'd rather not? I just tend to show off my ugly bits more! And I'm not talking about my private parts, ya pervs!!!

EDITED at 10:00 AM: I was just reviewing the user rankings. A) WoW! I'm in the Top Ten! YaHOOOO! B) We have a user named Biff Meister?! Is that serious? And also there is a Mitchell Cumstein?! I'm sure these two individuals will probably be upset, but it's not so much I'm ridiculing their names (but, in the end, I guess I am), but I am in disbelief that mommas give their babies names like this.

EDITED at 1540 (3:40 PM): I have a song that is stuck in my head. Why not share it with you all, then the musical virus will spread! The stuck song of the day is "Fight Like a Brave" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. All of the hype over the new album reminds of the happier days when RHCP didn't suck like an 8-pound Oreck...but that's a bitch for another time.

One Reply to 2-VIII-2006 or Why am I so angry?

Kris Weberg | August 4, 2006
Don't let it get you down. I get angry just waking up in the morning these days.


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