That's a quote from a weird movie I saw back in the day. I think it had Chevy Chase and more vertically challenged people than I can count (including the famous Billy Barty!). The details are sketchy at this point, but I believe there was a secret message to be passed to the person who gave the code phrase, "The pearl is in the river." Well, as it so often happens in these kinds of movies, a lady loses a pearl from a necklace into her dinner, which happens to be liver, and the kindly Asian gentleman next to her sees it fall onto her plate, and hollers out (and I can't spell the bad asian accent, but you get the idea) "Ze pearl is in ze river." Ha!

What do you want? It's Chevy Chase, for goodness sake!

What is new in the world? The big news today: Rosie O'Donnell is not going to be on The View after her current contract expires. Wow. That's I wasn't a big fan of hers (nor of the show The mother-in-law liked it, and I did watch a few episodes, so I'm not just "spouting off" about something I've never watched...not my thing). Rosie just has one of those voices, much like Fran Drescher, that I can't listen to for long without getting a chill run down my spine. I wish her luck with her future endeavors!

Azure Ray, for those who are interested, is OK. Not the same kind of sound that Little Red Rocket had, musically, but the girls have such excellent voices that I can get around that. I probably would not have listened to Azure Ray if I had not known they were once LRR, though. I think that might make me biased or something, but...

Things are going, as far as Dr. Coo-Coo is concerned, and that's all I feel I should say about that.

I would have a license to be a public pesticide applicator, if I could just remember to send in the application. :( It's sitting by my computer, which is why I thought of it. I need to be more attentive to what I'm doing. If I don't send the application in soon, I'll lose my opportunity. I'll put it aside right now.

Should I even have a song of the day? I don't really have any songs that I'm particularly attached to at the moment. I almost feel like I have to force it to have one. If something strikes my fancy by the end of this post, I'll put one in. If not, well, it's not like anyone's depending on me to tell them what to listen to, are they? (I hope not! Get your own opinions! :P )

Oh! I almost forgot! Today is DNA day, to commemorate the publication of the discovery of the double-helix shape of DNA by Watson and Crick. I know, I know, Watson and Crick didn't work in a vacuum, and many people's findings were used in their paper (particularly Rosalind Franklin), but that's a controversy that will continue forever. Let's just celebrate the fact that a key discovery in biological science was made on this day!

Otherwise, it's a slow day down on the ranch. There's a few alligators in the ponds, a bunch of cedar waxwings came through a few weeks back, the occasional hawk sighting, and a small family of sand hill cranes. And more insects than anyone would want to know what to do with!!

Oh, and a paper I helped co-author has finally been published (though, to be honest, my role was very very minor)! If you're looking through the scholarly journals, look for my name in Microbial Ecology! ;)

No, seriously, don't look for the article! It's not that big of a deal.. Well, it is for me, but that's about it I think!

I should stop drinking so much Pepsi. I'm serious this time. I think I have an addiction. Is there a Soda-holics Anonymous? Not that I could be anonymous, but...

As a note to my multi-cultural friends, "soda", as used in this instance, means the same as "cola", "pop", "coke" (senso lato), "sodee", or "sodapop". I'm sure that there's others! ;)

Plus, I get to use cool latin phrases like senso lato, to sound more worldly and smart! Hee!!

I got no song today, but I wil leave you with a stupid joke:

If we get honey from honey bees, than from what kind of bees do we get milk?

Boobies!!! :D

Well, I did say it was a stupid joke!! :P

[EDIT] OK, the song of the day will be "Nonstop to Nowhere" by Faster Pussycat. If that doesn't make you yearn for the days of big hair and glam metal...well, I don't know why it would. I thought it was one of Faster Pussycat's best songs (other than maybe "House of Pain"...never really liked "Poison Ivy", which was also popular back in the day. *shrug* I grew up on the big hair music, so that's what you get today!!!!!!

[EDIT2] Apparently, the title doesn't like quotation marks! :P~~~

Three Replies to 25-IV-2007 or Ze pearl is in ze river

Jackie Mason | April 26, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | April 26, 2007
Today at work saw two birthdays, an anniversary, and the last day of someone leaving my team, so I had enough cards to pass out, thank you. I should have an administrative professional just to assist me with the card-giving.

Aaron, I believe the movie you quote is "Under the Rainbow," with Chevy Chase and Carrie Fisher. I don't think I'll be queuing it any time soon. But thanks for the jokes, and congrats on the paper. And I dunno what's up with the missing quotation marks; more info?

Aaron Shurtleff | April 26, 2007
It wasn't that big of a deal. I had quotes from the first Ze to river, but when I submitted it, the title stopped after the word or (or if it was there I couldn't see it). I took off the quotes, and everything was groovy.

No problem on the joke. I never miss a chance to use the term boobies! ;)


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