Heh. Today, the new VP of Agricultural Research or whatever is touring our facility, so ain't squat gonna get done. I had to spend most of the day yesterday cleaning up and making the lab basically look like no one does anything. Does that really work? Are there people out there who see a lab and say, "Damn! Now that looks like a pristinelab where no one works or makes messes or does anything! Excellent!". I'd think you would want to lab to look used and busy (within reason, obviously! You don't want bugs flying around or dishes piled up in the sink like at home...or at least my home, since the wife is out of town!) But, maybe that's why I'm not VP of Agricultural Research or whatever this guy is (I hope I don't run into him, since I have no idea who the dude is! ;))

Anywho, what's new out there? Nothing in here! I just today noticed that you can make public or secret posts onto blogs here. I haven't played with any of that yet, but then, I haven't commented to anyone with anything that I thought they (or I) wouldn't want broadcasted. I'd test it, but then no one would know but myself and the receiver. Maybe I'll just say I did and be done with it. :P

I might not have mentioned earlier, but I have no computer at home, so the ol' blog will be silent for the weekend. [Pause to let applause die out] Heh. It's only been 4 days, and it's already the old blog. I guess time truly is fleeting, as someone once said, although I have no idea who originally (or who lately either...) did so.

I guess since the stuck song of the day is such a hit (ha ha), I should put in another for today, but I'm remarkably unstuck at the moment. Best to put in a song I like by a mostly obscure band! The song of the day (and if you know it, it'll probably get stuck!) is "Dude (Don't call me dude)" by Scatterbrain! Here's the opening line:

Today I leave the psycho ward
'cause my sentence did conclude
I killed a man
with my bare hands
Because he called me dude.

You can't go wrong with that kind of fun. Scatterbrain is a pretty funny band (or I guess was, since I haven't heard anything out of them for a long while). Made up of members of Ludichrist (and I doubt anyone remembers Ludichrist...and, no, I don't mean Ludacris of "Move, b!tch, get out the way!" fame. Most of their songs were just funny, and they always had a classical song re-done on each of their albums (or at least the two I got.) Their rendition of "Rondo Alla Turca" is pretty tight! :) Actually, I just found out they have three albums, so I need to get out and get it. How hard could it be to find an obscure album from 1994?!? *sigh*

Stay tuned next week! I might have to break into the TMR section with bad reviews of good movies! I've been watching some artsy films, so I figure if I review them, smarter people than I will tell me why they are good, and I will learn something or broaden my horizons or something crazy like that! No promises, but I might start with the movie "Oasis" which is Asian (I think Korean, but don't hold me to it!) and actually wasn't too bad!

EDITED at 1502 (3:02pm) --> Just so there's no confusion, Aaron's definition of "artsy" is any movie a) with subtitles b) not animated (usually) c) produced in a foreign country (there are British artsy films, you see) d) no big explosions (aw! again this is not always true) and (this is the big one) e) at the end, you think to yourself either "What the f*** kind of ending was that?!" or "I need to watch that again, because I don't know what just happened..." I suppose there are other comments for e), but those are my most common. :)

Also, I hope Scott doesn't think I'm belittling what he does by doing this. I just wanted to add to the site (and increase my rank...I'm all about the ranks!), and, if I'm not careful, maybe learn a little something along the way! :)


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