OK, there was clearly no need for that, but I have Clerks 2 on the brain. Good movie. Not great like the original, but few sequels equal the original. Worth seeing if you liked the first movie, IMHO.

Let me start off with the first of 2 stuck songs since I forgot one last time (and judging from the outpouring of e-mails, no one missed it!). The first, which I meant to put in last time was one that was particularly painful for me, since one of my exes LOVED this song (which is putting it mildly), and it just plain was horrible. That song is "I Love You Period" by Dan Baird. Dan Baird, of course, is the former lead singer of the Georgia Satellites, which is the band that tortured us with "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" previously. If you don't know "I Love You Period", you're lucky. If you do, I'm in pain with you, since I still have it stuck in my head from Monday (stupid 90's flashback lunch!) Here's a short clip:

I love you period
Do you love me question mark
Please please exclamation point
I want to hold you in parentheses

It's grammar and singing! Brilliant!

Anywho, the second song is at the end, unless I forget between now and then. I missed posting yesterday, since I was too busy. Not much to discuss that day anyways, though. I nearly got in trouble at work, since my wife got stuck at the Atlanta airport Monday night, so I had to come to work late on Tuesday after picking her up at the airport Tuesday morning. My boss wasn't amused that I rolled into work at noon, but not much I can do, since I live an hour from the airport, and an hour from work. The time adds up. Plus, I misplaced some important data, so I am soon to be in more trouble. Technically, I didn't misplace it. My co-workers cleaned up the lab one day when I was not there, and the data got lost then, but I should have put it into its folder previous to that day, so I am taking the heat. I'm nice like that! :)

Today has been quiet (the calm before the storm). I just finished up analyzing some data, meeting my Friday deadline, so that's good. Kickball tomorrow! I don't think I mentioned but I am still in the adult kickball league (www.kickball.com), though our team is not doing well. Oh, well. I'm in it for the fun anyways!

Not much else going on..that I know of. There's been some weirdness at work. Accusations have been made. People are talking. The usual BS. And nothing will happen, at least on the surface. I mean, I understand that people have to be careful, but rumors go around, and everyone has heard some version of what happened. It would be nice if all of the rumors could be laid to rest at the end. I would appreciate a short "This is what happened. This was untrue/unfortunately true. Actions were taken." letter at the end. If what was alleged is untrue, LET US KNOW! I, personally, would be very very uncomfortable being around someone who did the things rumored to have happened, and if they didn't happen I want to know that. If they did, I hope action is taken. I'm trying to be careful, since I have no idea if this will ever be read by someone around here. Hopefully not, but if so: DON'T DO A COVER-UP! TALK TO US!!!

Stuck song #2 is a quiet classic. A bubbly little ballad which brings out the best in people, and gives a very important message. I'm talking, of course, about "Starting Up a Posse" by Anthrax. The good Anthrax with Joey Belladonna. Heh! You gotta love anti-censorship songs! :D


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