Good day. I am still really exhausted from my work trip, so another short one.

If I were to say only the punchline of an inappropriate joke, assuming said punchline was not itself inappropriate in this out of context way, would it be the same as if I had said the joke? Does it depend on whether anyone knows the joke, and really, should it?

I remember, long ago, in my misspent youth*, I read a book where two of the characters were a damsel and a dragon (not uncommon), but the odd thing was that the dragon only kidnapped the damsel because it was what he was "supposed to do" and he wasn't really into it, and he ends up befriending the damsel, and the two form a mini-theatrical group, which allowed both to embrace their love of performance. (I left some stuff out, of course, on the off chance someone picks up a random 20+ year old book and doesn't want spoilers). Much later, when the dragon goes back to his homeland, he finds that he is sort of a hero, and the dragons honored him by telling jokes to one another. However, since telling jokes upon meeting someone takes up too much time, it rapidly became that they would greet each other by telling just the punchline of jokes. I suspect this might be a small part of why I am thinking in terms of just telling the punchline of a joke. it could also be because I just had to take a mandatory sexual harassment prevention training. It could be a combination. Maybe it's maybelline?

I don't know. My mind is racing and I should be sleeping, but I can't relax right now for some reason. Sucks to be me I suppose.

Saw on a t-shirt: MOIST: because someone you know hates this word. I think it's true, because I've heard that a lot of folks don't like the word moist. I don't have issues with it, but I also don't use it that often.

I've heard you should neither fear nor embrace death. I think I read it a poem at some point. Like a real poem written by a famous(-ish?) poet, not something someone in college wrote to impress a mate. Not that I ever engaged in such actions. Nope. What were we talking about? Neither fear nor embrace death. Sounds good to me!

Short post song of the day "Wet My Bed" by Stone Temple Pilots. Please think for me I can't bear to.

Going to lay my head upon my pillow. Remember the words of former DC mayor Marion Berry: "That bitch set me up!"

*Which, of course, means that I could be not remembering this correctly!

One Reply to 13-VII-2019 or Inappropriate Humor

Scott Hardie | July 13, 2019
There are so many phrases in that post that could be the punchline of an inappropriate joke. The best one might be, "I just had to take a mandatory sexual harassment prevention training."


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